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Ultimate Forex Income

dvdcd4Hey guys, today I am back with another review, this one looking at a new manual trading system, Ultimate Forex Income by Mark Brookshire.

Mark is a former New York stock broker that claims “someone with no trading experience can win 93% of their Forex trades.” If you believe that I might have to put you in a bus and drive you to the insane asylum!  Regardless, I will ignore the marketing hoopla and move onto the product itself.

The Ultimate FX Income system is being sold $77.00 on Click bank which is to be expected from this type of software. The system comes with a manual, templates, a trade assistant  an indicator and an installer. The software requires metatrader 4 and can be used with any currency pair on the H1 and M30 time frames.

There are 3 steps that users of the Ultimate Forex Income program have to follow in order for the system to work properly.

  1. Log in to the online trading center.
  2. Receive the signals.
  3. Place the buy or sell trade.

What do I think?

Seems simple enough but I don’t really see anything from this software or strategy that makes me believe that it is a winner. There are many manual Forex intra day trend following trading strategies like this one all over the internet. There is nothing here that really separates it from the pack.

With that being said the Ultimate Forex Income DOES NOT earn the Forex Robot Nation recommendation. If you have tested the system and believe in it or you have any other sort of comment just leave it below.

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