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Ultimate Buy Sell Secret

ultimate buy sell secret siteTime for another Forex review, today I am looking at the latest software from Karl Dittman, Ultimate Buy Sell Secret.

As always we can tell this is a Dittman product because of the signature green sales page. To start on a positive, one thing I do like about Karl is that he is consistent with his products, they are generally indicators and have some sort of strategy behind them.

The Ultimate Buy Sell Secret is of course a Forex indicator. The software costs $97 which is usually around the price range that Karl sells his products. So let me dive into this new indicator a little more and let you know if the buys in the sells this software provides have potential or not.

Ultimate Buy Sell Secret Details

Let me first lady out what you receive with this program.

A step-by-step users manual, the software, screenshots example trades as well as a promise of support and help. The goal with this new strategy is to generate from 100 250 pips per day which is a very lofty goal. The indicator will provide signals, which can go to your email address to provide you with entry points for Forex trades.

As for the Ultimate Buy Sell Secret strategy, it is not discussed or outlined so if you’re looking to purchase the software you have to go in somewhat blind. Now I have found a screenshot on the website that shows an example trade with the indicator so let me show you this now.

I wish there were a few more screenshots for me to diagnose, this is the only one.

Ultimate Buy Sell Secret Conclusion

At this current point in time I cannot recommend this product 100%. I do like that Karl has a history of selling products like these so he is more trustworthy than your average Forex vendor but I still would like a little more information before I give this a seal of approval.

If you have anything you would like to add please leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts on Karl’s latest Forex secret.

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  1. hello
    i can’t download this indicator and there’s no link for download it in this page

    can you send it to my email

    thanks alot

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