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TWP VIP Signal: Weekly Report #5

Hey guys! The third trading week of September is concluded and we had some awesome trades this week. VIP had a 100% win rate this week and secured a solid return of 4.00%, there were some huge trades that were unfortunate to close at breakeven that I’ll talk about. 

There is a really exciting news for everyone. We have an Exclusive GOLD signal room being launched this Sunday after a huge community demand. We have been trading GOLD for the last few months and have been making consistent gains now the community will get those trades too. 

Lets look back into this week’s trades.


EUR/USD quick win:

VIP room started on a good with this quick win in EUR/USD. Monday morning I sent out my bias for this pair that 1.06878 is a key level and I’m bearish below that. There was a push to the upside to sweep liquidity above the 1.06760 level price then shot aggressively to the downside and it hit our TP within minutes. A quick win in the Best Forex Signal room ✅

AUD/JPY breakeven(huge move):

There was another trade on Monday a AUD/JPY Long. It was a perfect demand zone trade price had pushed aggressively to the upside from a 94.800 level creating a sold demand zone. I sent buy stop order after a retest of this zone and there was a quick reaction almost smashing the first TP and that is when I made this trade risk-free.

However, this trade got unlucky for us, and during the NY open trade closed at breakeven but later on it ended up smashing TP2 of 2.5R. This happens sometimes when a trade wants additional liquidity before pushing towards TP and retests a second time. We want to protect funds but you can always intervene manually with trades if you agree with the trend and analysis, and decide to play an active role in trades. 

GBP/USD Short:

This was a beautiful trade in line with the bullish bias of the US Dollar. Price broke a resistance level of 1.23860 and grabbed liquidity before shooting down aggressively. I went short just below that level and we secured the win within 20 minutes.

There was another break-even trade in EUR/CAD. It also ended up pushing towards TP and some of the members in the Free Forex Signal room made money in this trade.

Here is an example of a perfect supply zone setup. There are huge red candles pushing aggressively from the 1.07394 level making it a really strong sell zone. We would’ve gotten this win of 3R but avoided this trade due to the US Fed rate announcement. There are a lot of factors that spoil trades during such time and we don’t want to risk losing accounts.

Huge EUR/GBP trade:

This pair had recently pushed upwards breaking a key level of 0.86365 in a huge candle. It then came back created liquidity and then shot up again. I went long at the FVG and set my target just below a resistance level. This is my favorite trade of the week it smashed both the TP without a second retest making it a perfect entry.

Watch here for my breakdown of this trade:


It was a great week for me and all the members no losses and some incredible wins. I’m happy with a 4.00% return despite missing some great opportunities due to breakeven and data releases. There are a lot of opportunities coming up in Forex pairs I have my levels and biases set. Join us to win with us. 

Do not forget the exclusive GOLD signal room will be launched this Sunday and we have some awesome trades waiting for one of the most traded instruments in the world. Be sure to look out for the launch announcement. 

Watch here how I doubled my account in 4 days using a Forex Trading Robot: 

Much love ❤️

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