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TWP VIP Signals: Monthly Report August 2023

Hey guys! The month of August is behind us and we had some awesome trades this month. While the overall return was lower than expected it is still a very good number of +5.82% The strategy is consistent and it delivers month after month for the VIP members.

Here I go through the month’s trades breaking it down week by week looking at how I analyzed my trades, how I created my biases, and then how I executed them. 


First Week of Forex Signals

The first week started slow for me with a couple of breakeven trades in AUD/CHF and EUR/CAD. It was a good analysis in both these trades and they did cover more than 60% of the profit target but didn’t find enough volume after to hit our take profit.

Had a couple of losses after this and closed the week with a result of -2.00% not what I like but totally normal to have weeks like this. The month is just getting started at this point and I’m focused on my setups.

Second Week of Forex Signals

The second week started well for me and the VIP members. I had a bearish bias in EUR/GBP and the pair was facing rejection from 0.86254 area making it a strong supply zone. I waited for the price to test this zone and once it showed a reaction I quickly went short. The trade was a quick winner smashed my take profit 1 within 20 minutes.

The next day I had a short setup in AUD/CHF. My long-term bias was bearish as long as this pair was trading below a key level of 0.57419 After a few rejections this pair faced there was a sharp and aggressive drop from the key level which created a supply zone. Once the price tested this zone I sent a Sell Stop order and the trade was successful for a gain of +13.5 Pips. I made over $1300 in this trade.

Had a couple more trades and then this beautiful setup in GBP/USD. I was looking at a key level of 1.27854 it attempted to break that level but after a liquidity sweep the pair dropped. I went short after a retest and targeted the recent swing low level. It was all red candles to the target for a +36 Pips win.

Concluded this week with a return of +1.63% volume was starting to pick and I’m looking to make it big for the remaining weeks of the month.

Third Week of Forex Signals

The third week’s Monday was a banger day for the VIP members. Had a huge trade in EUR/USD of 24 Pips for a risk: reward of 1:2 It was a perfect supply zone trade there was an aggressive push to the downside after a liquidity grab. I went short at the retest of this supply zone and it was a beautiful trade in the Best Forex Signal group

Watch here to learn more about this trade: 

Had a few more trades out of which one was a winner in GBP/USD for 29 Pips gain. 

Moving ahead I had a long trade in EUR/AUD on Thursday I still had a bullish bias on the EUR/AUD pair and there was a recent aggressive push from the 1.69130 level creating a demand zone. Once the price retraced back to that zone I sent a buy stop order at 1.69365 in the VIP room. It was a beautiful win of +66 pips for a risk: reward of 1:2  

This trade was also sent in the free signal group and it made +33 pips for the happy community. 

Concluded this week with an overall gain of +4.32% an incredible return for one week of trading.

Fourth Week of Forex Signals

The fourth week started slow with two trades that didn’t test my entry-level until I had two back-to-back wins in US Dollar pairs. I had a bullish bias for the USD and the price of USD/JPY had formed a supply zone around the 145.600 level. I went long at the retest of this zone and had a quick win of 27 Pips.

The very next day USD/CAD presented a sweet setup for the long side. Price was consolidating for a bit until it grabbed liquidity around the 1.35330 level and shot up. A small pullback got my entry triggered and it went all the way to TP2 really quickly for 1:2 risk: reward trade.

Concluded this week with a gain of 1.88%

Fifth Week of Forex Signal

A quick winner in GBP/CHF on Monday made it a good start to the week. A classic supply zone setup, the price reacted off the zone and I went short at 1.11334 for a 9 Pips gain secured in a few candles.

The highlight of the week’s trade was this 40 Pips EUR/CAD win. The price was in a consolidation phase until it grabbed liquidity and broke a trendline that is when I went long and it never looked back. Smashed both my TP and banked me over $12,000

Watch the trade breakdown here:

The last day of the fifth and final week of the month didn’t go very well. I had my biases and traded based on that but the overall market showed a little sign of reversal. But that’s fine we conclude the month here.


Although I expected better it was a positive month with a return of 5.82% and I’m happy with that. There was definitely a lack of volume this month which made my trades slow. I would’ve liked more activity in the market to push bigger trades that didn’t happen as much. 

Going into the next month I expect the volume to return again and that will make it easier to trade my strategies. Come Join me and over 1750 VIP members. We have big things coming.

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Much love ❤️

About Vipul Rathaur

A trader with more than six years of experience, Vipul is a discretionary trader and uses multi time frame analysis for his analysis and price action for his trade signals. Believes that risk management is the secret to making it in this world. He trades major Forex pairs, Indices, and Commodities.

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