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TWP VIP FX & GOLD Signals: Weekly Report #7

Hey guys! The first week of November is over and welcome to the recap of this week where I talk about the trades, strategy, and some more. We made 4.00% in the GOLD VIP room and 0.94% in the Forex room. It was a quiet week in terms of data releases and most of the instruments had low volatility.

GOLD shifted its market structure earlier this week from bullish to bearish but we made a profit in both short and long trades using higher timeframe confluence. Let’s dive into it:


Huge GOLD win:

So like I said GOLD recently shifted its market structure from bullish to bearish. It had a good bullish run the last few weeks fueled by the Middle East conflict. Price attempted to break a significant level of 2000.00 but failed to sustain above that. 

My bias was bearish for the week after the market broke a key level of 1971.783 I waited for a retest of this level and as soon as the price did that I went short at the sign of downward continuation. It was a great entry and trade smashed both Take Profit levels making over 1000 pips ✅

Watch my trade breakdown here:

Free Signal win:

We had this CHF/JPY win on the same day as the GOLD trade that I showed above. Again using the same simple break and retest strategy with higher timeframe confluence. I had a bullish bias on this pair as long as it was trading above the 165.859 level. 

It was forming a little range and testing the upper and lower levels of this range quite a few times. Once the upper level of this range was broken I then waited for the price to retest that level and then went long at continuation. It was a nice swing trade that made me about $5K. 

I also sent this trade in my FREE Forex Signal room with over 38,000 members. 

We had a couple more trades in USD/JPY and EUR/GBP in between which didn’t show enough momentum even though the analysis was right. I cut the losses short in them at the first sign of slow momentum.

A HUGE Day: 

This was an awesome day with two back-to-back huge wins. I had long trades in EUR/USD and GOLD and both of them smashed TP2 but why did I go long in GOLD even though I had a bearish bias for the week? Let’s talk about that:

As I show in the breakdown video above there was support around 1944.00 level in the 4-hour timeframe and the price tested that level and reacted nicely and broek a trendline above. This caught my attention and I waited for a retest of that support level. In a 15-minute timeframe, the price broke a channel after it bounced post-retest of the support which was my confirmation to go long. It worked out perfectly and we smashed TP2 within 2 hours.

We had this amazing EUR/USD trade on the same day. Price was in a small consolidation zone and then it was broken with good momentum. I waited for a retest and then then I gave the long entry after seeing the continuation. Another TP2 win that made +2R

Overall a huge day for everyone in the Best Forex and GOLD Signal Room in the world. ✅ So many VIP members passed their prop firm challenges within hours on this day.


This concludes the first trading week of November for us. The Forex room was a little slow compared to the GOLD room but the month has just started I am seeing a lot of potential in the coming days. I have my biases set and levels marked we will have many more huge days like this. Stop missing out on moves come Join Us in VIP rooms.

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Much Love ❤️

About Vipul Rathaur

A trader with more than six years of experience, Vipul is a discretionary trader and uses multi time frame analysis for his analysis and price action for his trade signals. Believes that risk management is the secret to making it in this world. He trades major Forex pairs, Indices, and Commodities.


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