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TWP VIP FX & GOLD Signals: Weekly Report #6

Hey guys! After super September it has been a great start for trading month of October in the FX & GOLD VIP rooms. By continuing the winning momentum we made +5.62% in the FX room and +231 Pips in the GOLD room.   

Both the VIP rooms had an incredible win rate this week and there were so many huge wins. I will break down this week’s performance. Let’s dive in.


Huge Monday Forex Signal:

I had this GBP/JPY trade in the early London session on Monday. We were trading in a small range and then the price broke upwards to fill an FVG and shoot down. This push down created a new FVG and that was my sell entry. Price tested the FVG triggering my entry and then crashed all the way down to my take profit 2 very quickly. 

Awesome start to the week, It made me $15,000 and +2.00% for the VIP room ✅

Crazy trading morning

The next day I had a Long trade in USD/JPY and it showed great momentum in our direction almost reaching our TP. I moved SL to break even in both VIP and FREE Forex Signal rooms in this trade just before a data release. The news made a huge candle but I protected the trade already. Watch here why it was a crazy trade:

Perfect EUR/GBP trade:

This pair was trading in a range and then broke a level of 0.86780 to the upside and grabbed liquidity. Price shot down aggressively and created a Fair Value Gap. I sent a Sell Limit order after a retest of the FVG. It triggered my trade and smashed both take profits within 20 minutes. A perfect trade.

Watch here for my breakdown of this trade:


I had a bearish bias on the Canadian dollar for the day and based on that I scanned the market. EUR/CAD was consolidating in a small range while the bias was bullish. Price grabbed liquidity below the lower range and pushed up. I sent a Buy trade after it broke a  small range and the price continued the move smashed my TP levels. 

I made over $12,000 in this one and the Best Forex Signal room made +2R, watch here:

We had a couple of break-even trades as well. The directions were right and our analysis worked perfectly but the slow momentum stopped it from smashing TP. 


This concludes the first trading week of October. Levels worked perfectly, strategy is on point, solid analysis, and an incredible return of 5.62% making me and everyone happy. 

GOLD Trading:

We had a great start to the new GOLD VIP room last week and the win continued this week too. GOLD has been in a downtrend recently after it failed to break a key level of 2075.00 

Based on this bearish bias I shorted GOLD. There was a consolidation seen in the lower timeframe and the price attempted to break a level of 1827.95 but failed. The liquidity grab helped it with downward momentum and this is when I sent a Sell Limit order. 

We smashed the first target profit and the price was still looking good for continuation but the second target was missed by less than 1 pip. I made $3700 in this position. 

Although it was a slow week for the GOLD room we still closed it in positive. There was a small issue with the GOLD copier that has been fixed. Please go to the VIP members area and download the new version.


The GOLD room made 231 Pips for the week and since the launch last week, it is up 1732 Pips. The Win rate has been great and members are enjoying the gains.

Do not miss out, come join over 2250 members as we remain hot. 

I risked REAL money to trade FAKE signals recently. Interested to know how it worked out? Watch here: 

Much Love ❤️

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