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TWP VIP FX & GOLD Signals: Monthly Report September 23

Hey guys! Super September has come to an end and it has been a great trading month for us. The Forex market provided so many great opportunities and we grabbed them all to make a 9.65% return. The GOLD VIP room launched last Sunday has started really well making 3.27% in one week of trading.    

I will go through all the trading weeks of this month and we break down some awesome trades. First, let’s talk about the newly launched GOLD room and how we won 2 huge trades in one week. 


Huge GOLD trades:

The first huge win was on Tuesday and it was a short trade. I had a bearish bias after the price broke a key level of 1915.32 price did a pullback to grab liquidity above this key level. It dropped aggressively after that creating a Fair Value Gap(FVG). That is where I went short and it was a solid trade that smashed my both targets super quick and banked me over $12K 

Watch my trade breakdown video to learn in detail how the trade was called out step by step:

GOLD still has a bearish bias and it has been in a free fall so I’m looking to short it. There was lots of liquidity above the 1878.00 level. Price swept that liquidity and created a huge red candle that formed FVG. I went short at the retest of that FVG and what a trade again. It smashed both target profits and still kept falling. 

Although I did close one of the 3 GOLD trades with partial loss because I didn’t like a second retracement it was a solid analysis. This concluded GOLD trading for this month and I couldn’t have expected a better start than this for the new VIP room.

Now let’s get to Forex trades and I will break it down week by week. 

First week of Forex Signals:

First week started great for Forex trades. I had a bearish bias in GBP/USD and I was looking to short this pair. Price grabbed liquidity above a key level of 1.25840 and then created an FVG. A retest of this FVG triggered my sell order and the trade went smoothly smashing both take profits for a win of 1:2 RR. Great start in the Best Forex Signal room ✅

There were a few slow trades after this I had to close at breakeven and canceled one of them until Friday when I had one more win in the same GBP/USD pair. I still had a bearish bias and there was a shorting opportunity liquidity level of below 1.25087 I used the same FVG method for entry and it was a quick win of 21 Pips.

Concluded the week with this trade and the VIP room made +2.40% in this winning week.

Second week of Forex Signals:

After a good start to the month, the second week slowed down and I had a few breakeven trades. Price was reacting off my zone and analysis was solid but there was a clear lack of momentum this week I explained why that happens in the VIP room. Still ended up closing the week in positive with no losses even though a small gain but that is fine.

Third week of Forex Signals:

Back to winning huge trades in the third week. Started Monday on a good note with this quick win in EUR/USD. Called out my biases and levels in the morning in the VIP room and once this pair broke above a level of 1.06760 it faced resistance and dropped down. I had my entry and smashed TP within minutes. 

Secured another win in the GBP/USD pair. I was trading with a bullish bias on the US dollar. It was also a quick win of 10 pips and TP was smashed in 15 minutes which is something I love. Quick reactions off my entry level. 

Later in the week this EUR/GBP was a huge trade. It had shown a huge push to the upside from 0.86175 level creating a demand zone. There was a strong support level of 0.86300 it grabbed liquidity from there and shot up. Long entry was at FVG and TP just below the recent swing high.

Perfect trade to end the week on a positive note. Overall return of 4.00% with no losses for the week.

Fourth week of Forex Signals:

The US dollar’s bias is still bullish and the Euro has been in a free fall recently I will be trading based on this higher timeframe bias. 

Similar to the previous trade this one also broke a key level, grabbed liquidity, and then shot down. There was an FVG that became my entry level and as you can see it was a huge win for an RR ratio of 1:2 ✅

There was a CAD/JPY free trade was a swing trade it took some time but eventually ended up hitting TP. I closed the trade at breakeven before a data release but some members from the Free Signal group passed their prop trading challenges with this trade.

The same bullish bias on the US dollar helped me take this USD/CHF trade. It was a sniper entry and the price went smoothly in my direction smashing both take profits of 17 pips. 

Concluded this week with a gain of 3.00% and the month is also concluded. 


This month worked great for me had some awesome trades and lots of accurate analysis for the VIP room. A total return of 12.92%, the Forex room made 9.65%, and 3.27% for the GOLD room. I expect this to continue going forward in the next month. 

Come join us in the Forex room, GOLD room or both.

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Much love ❤️


  1. Great day Pat! I’m totally interested and excited about joining the GOLD Room VIP group. However, I’m confused on the signup??? It states TWPVIP not Gold Room??? Do I sign up for TWP VIP and then access just the Gold Trades ? Or do I pay to join TWP VIP and then pay for Gold Room? Let me know. This is exciting!!!

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