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TWP VIP FX & GOLD Signals: Monthly Report October 2023

Hey guys! The October month is concluded and we continued the winning streak. Forex VIP room performed well and we secured a 7.10% return, the GOLD VIP room has been also going strong since its recent launch with back-to-back winners. Closed the month with a return of 5.05% and an incredible win rate.   

Here I will go through the month’s best trades, talk about biases, analysis, and strategy. Will also talk about the new exciting update in our FREE trade copier, stay tuned for that.


Great Start:

I had this GBP/JPY trade in the early London session on Monday. We were trading in a small range and then the price broke upwards grabbed liquidity and shot down. It broke a key level of 182.600 to the downside and I sent my Sell Limit order at the retest of this breakout. Price did retest taking my entry and then quickly crashed all the way to my take profit levels.

Awesome start to the month, It made me $15,000 and +2.00% for the VIP room ✅

Perfect EUR/GBP trade:

This pair was trading in a range and then broke a level of 0.86780 to the upside but it couldn’t sustain above. My bias was bearish and the price broke a major level of 0.86740 to the downside. I then waited for a retest and once it retested I entered a sell trade, it was a quick win banking +2R in less than 20 minutes.

Watch here for my breakdown of this trade:

EUR/CAD Huge Win:

I had a bearish bias on the Canadian dollar for the day and based on that I scanned the market. EUR/CAD was consolidating in a small range while the bias was bullish. Price grabbed liquidity below the lower range and pushed up. It was a simple break-and-test trade that worked perfectly.

It made me over $12,000 and the Best Forex Signal room made +2R, watch here:


This was a huge day for me and everyone in GOLD and Forex VIP rooms, we took a bunch of trades and won them all. Followed the same strategy of range breaks and retest in all of these trades and traded in confluence with long-term bias using trend analysis and fundamental factors. 

Watch on my Twitter to learn more about the trades:

I also sent one of these trades in the FREE Forex Signal Group and it banked 90 pips ✅

Huge GOLD Trade:

Another trade on the same concept that we’ve been using. Price breaks a level of 1917.893 with good momentum. I place a Buy Limit order at the retest of that breakout, it triggers my entry and then shoots away to smash TP2 for a win of +2R

Another EUR/CAD Win:

In this trade I was looking at this huge key level of 1.46160 price was reacting off of that level. It broke a minor level of 1.46513 to the upside with good momentum. I placed the buy order at the retest and another beautiful win in this pair. 

The Strategy:

You will notice that I am consistent with my strategy throughout all my trades so let’s talk about it in brief. I am a big fan of trend trading so the first step of my strategy is to look for long-term trends and create a bias. I keep it simple and just look at key levels, price structure, range breaks, etc. Then comes the execution part.

Once I have my bias set I will start to look for setups in lower timeframes. I will want to see the price form a consolidation zone and this zone is only valid if the price has reacted from the ranges several times or it has formed at least 10-12 candles between the range. Then once the price breaks this range in the same direction as my long-term bias, I will place my entry at the retest. It is one of the classic strategies and I have been using it for more than a decade to make consistent returns. ✅

Trade Copier Update:

If you don’t already know, we provide a FREE trade copier to all VIP room members for automated trading. It not only copies the trades but also moves Stop Losses and closes the trades when we close it.

With the latest update, the copier has gotten even better. It now has the feature to move SL & TP at any price we want and we can also now manage each position separately in trades with 2 take profit levels. 

How does this help? Check here:

It gives us more flexibility, we will be able to secure as much as possible in the trending market by using the trailing SL/TP feature. And by managing each position separately we will have more control when we want to secure gains in one position and let the other one run. 🚀

Go to the VIP members area and download the latest release. 


To conclude the month was a great one and I’m happy with the return. We made 12% combined in GOLD and Forex which is incredible. But going forward in the next month I am expecting a much better return. The new features of the trade copier are really exciting. Being a trend trader I want to bank as much as possible when we have a good trending market. 

Come join over 2475 members in VIP rooms for the best signals in the GOLD and Forex market. 

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Much Love ❤️

About Vipul Rathaur

A trader with more than six years of experience, Vipul is a discretionary trader and uses multi time frame analysis for his analysis and price action for his trade signals. Believes that risk management is the secret to making it in this world. He trades major Forex pairs, Indices, and Commodities.

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