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Turbo Pips Magnet

Turbo Pips Magnet is the latest software from Austin Winston that’s goal is to provide a fast and easy profit of up to 300 pips in Forex daily. Austin claims that he will reveal his new secret that easily makes up to 300 pips every day even for complete newbies.

Today I will provide a review on the system and this page will act as a place for comments and discussion from real Forex traders.

turbo pips magnet

Turbo Pips Magnet Review

Austin’s new software is a Forex indicator which provides signals on when to enter and exit trades. Austin believes with the Turbo pips magnet that traders don’t have to spend long hours creating, analyzing or understanding the complex trading methods to take advantage of his system. He truly believes that his software can be used by any level of trader from the highly experienced to the freshfaced kids.

turbo pips magnet results

Here are three of the Turbo pips magnet features that Austin Winston points out:

Never repaints, this means that the strategy stays consistent.
Works on all pairs and timeframes, I’m generally not a big fan of this because I like systems that are little more specialized. I find systems that work with all pairs and time frames often take a lot of research from me trying to find out which time frames and pairs are the best.
You can start trading with as little as $50-$100, no explanation required here.

Turbo Pips Magnet Conclusion

There is really no other information for me to provide on the system as the majority of the Turbo pips magnet website is focused on selling a dream or lifestyle. I have not had success with Austin Winston products in the past so I’m certainly not going to recommend this system.

At $87 it is not costly but I do not have enough interest to put more time into this. I will obviously update the review is more information comes along and if you have anything you would like to contribute please leave your comments below and read some of the others about Turbo pips magnet.

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