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Turbo Pips – Forex Trading Review

Turbo PipsSo today I will look at Turbo Pips, this is not the old software known as PipTurbo, this is a Forex system that is 100% new so don’t get it confused.

Tagline: Renegade Forex trader blows whistle on massive Forex. How you can finally make a full-time income quickly and automatically by ignoring the guru hoax that keeps you broke.

I have got a few emails about this Turbo Pips lately. I wasn’t going to write a review but then I kept getting emails so I figured I would as there seems to be some sort of Forex community demand.

So lets go over some of the details about this Turbo Pips Forex robot.

Turbo Pips Facts

  • Highly optimized risk and money-management strategies so you’ll never have more than 1% of your account on the line in any trade (this is KEY to the success of any EA but neglected by “gurus” whose idea of “money management” is convincing you to get out your credit card).
  • “Set and forget” settings – no need to spend hours “tweaking”.
  • The ability to trade on ALL major currency pairs (few other “robots” can do this but it’s crucial to your long-term trading profits).
  • Ultra-low drawdown of 2.83% (if you’ve traded with other systems you’ll see instantly what a “game changer” this is).
  • Cost: $47.00

Turbo Pips Results

Looks like there are a bunch of different results provided on the Turbo Pips page. We have not started our FRN testing of this system yet but here is an example of the Forex results being provided.

Turbo Pips

Turbo Pips Conclusion

There is quite a bit of information the sales page about this but I have yet to come to my Turbo Pips conclusion. I think in a week or two after I have done some testing I will have a finalization. If you have any information leave a comment below.

Try Turbo Pips

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their investment goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Aslam, Am personally not impressed with the results so far. You might wanna try it to see if it suits you though. I posted my email address earlier. You can send me a request for the product and you’ll get a response in a few hours.

  2. Hi there Ral,
    We believe and offer our support to you in your ventures. Whether it is beta testing the scalper or feedback or anything else that you need from us. Like Ichooku is making small but consistent gains in conjunction with Fusion Forex, Iris and Faps.
    Whats your experience with the new Delphi Scalper? I was getting mixed results on the old one. More Power to you. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  3. Thanks Aslam, Feels good being back once again. I have been developing a new scalper system, Jst finished and taking it for a ride… You should check out FX Speed Trader, its a pretty solid system.. Cheers and goodluck 🙂

  4. Thanks Jen. Will go have a look at forex combo. Thanks for the advice, will give that a try and see if I can increase my profits. Have a good day all.

  5. Hi Ral – thank you for the info – well interesting -:-) I need time to digest it.
    Jack – yes – they say we should be into Gold and Silver at the moment. I tried a gold EA but as you say – you need good funds for that and to just leave it. On my back burner. We best keep you updated with fx auto millionaire – if it bounces back it will make your account grow faster than turbo. What i recommend is every month or whatever you get paid if you can put a little more into your account,. every little helps…before you know it you can trade higher volumes and then your account will show a difference and you can play with the more money needed EA’s. Did i say to everyone – another one for the books is forex combo – 3 different strategies – a scalper – another one!! and another one 🙂 – all working well together. Looking good 🙂 Jen

  6. Welcome back Ral, we need and missed you.
    But while we were talking, Ral, like the great King Arthur has found the Holy Grail. But if these Eas are never sold how can we know them or get access to them???? Absolutely astounding results, we hail you Ral and bow to you as the uncrowned King of the forum. Do enlighten and share your secret with us. Ichimoku is still doing well. Thanks once again.

  7. Hi Franks, IMO Delphi scalper isnt such a solid strategy. I cannot post a copy here due to copyrights. If you send me a request to, I can give you my copy of the EA. Hope it helps.. 🙂

  8. HI Jen, I think there could be Holy grails. Its just no one gets to hear about such EAs, cos they are neva sold. Check out my Trade History as proof if you dont mind..


  9. Hi Jen, Thanks for the input.
    Much Appreciated. Thats exactlly what I needed to know. Will get Fab turbo and give that a go for a while. Will be getting auto fx millionare as its quite cheap and seems to doing well but will wait untill the servers issues are less.
    Burnt my first Demo account today, Buying and selling gold with a small account not a good idea. But the proffit potential is huge.

    Thanks all for the input and happy traiding

  10. ooh sorry – i must have been on holiday – missed all your inputs above duhhh … Yes – theres no holy grail…and each ea will have a period where a month or so it wont be performing well at all but in the long run it makes it back up. The most reliable (if not slow and boring) are of course fapturbo and their new product ich whatever they call it… they are safe so expect progress to be slow but sure. You need to start off slow and sure otherwise you’lI blow your account. I still like auto fx millionaire – he produces more orders although I have read (true or false) that his server isnt up to parr so it may well have another weird period like last week -but hey ho – he produced some good trades following to make up for it? Overdrive – I have seen some web sites show massive gains but you know what – every time i put it on my darn account i get a series of losses? I dont understand that… I;ll have to speak to the seller… Before the upgrade – the seller advised i could increase my orders by putting a 90% risk which wouldnt affect the risk on my account apparently and that did make me money but the new upgrade the 90% system doesnt work – proved dangerous – so i turned it off. I need to speak to the seller again – I;ll update when I do.
    I like forex steam although as i say – it does have periods where it goes to hell .. you get a loss which looks high every 4 or so orders but it makes it up fast. Thats a fav with me but I watch it as i said before as now and again it will have periods where there are many many losses in a row… and thats when i turn it off and watch it on demo for a while but that really made a difference to my account and is presently behaving itself. I put a stop loss of 30 pips in it… i found from my original testing (whether that changes or not) that if it hits 30 pips loss its more likely to continue to their defaulted 90 pip stop loss… I think 30 pips is more than enough to loose. So in answer to your question – it really all depends on how much funds you have..if small you need to start off slow with the regular ones and build some capital up ie fapturbo/ich whatever their new one is – and maybe add auto millionaire but watch it. When funds increase add steam as that will make money – but needs decent funds in your account first. AND you need to be patient. All the best – Jen 🙂

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