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Turbit FX Version 2 Review

Turbit FX Version 2 is a new Forex robot that has started to gain some attention in the past week. The website for this product is much different than any other Forex robot on the market because it is in blog form and they seem to write posts every couple weeks about the product and their projections. It is a very interesting concept and I hope the product is equally as intriguing.

Today I’ll be providing a review of this new Forex system and letting the Forex robot nation readers understand if it’s going to provide us with any potential.

TurBit FX

Turbit FX Review

Currently the Turbit FX is on the 2nd version of the software which has been on the market for just 2 short months. The blog seems to be automated with the performance of the software as each post corresponds with a new trade. So if you scroll down through their website you will be able to see how many trades a system has taken and what type of performance they have been able to achieve.

The Turbit FX is a trade copier with the master account being controlled by the Phibase trading team. The strategies they use in order to determine entries and exits are price action, chart patterns and support/resistance levels. The system uses a semiautomatic expert advisor to watch which price gets into strategies trading zone. Once in this trading zone the EA uses a database with a handful of different trade rules in order to determine whether or not to place a trade. The strategy being used here is very different than a lot of Forex robots and I am interested.

Strategy Explanation

At this point in time I’m not going to recommend the Turbit FX robot because the system is still in its early stages. I am very impressed by the way they put together this website and strategy explanation because it gives me great insight into how this product works. I would still like to use some discretion obviously and wait to see how the software performs in a longer period of time. At this point we are only a few weeks of trading and that is just not long enough for me to make my determination. The software is being sold for $60 a month or $540 a year. If you have something you would like to add please leave your thoughts and comments below about Turbit FX.

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