Breaking News Reviews (Automation Software) is a new service, offering quantitative trading technology for retail traders in Forex, Stocks and Futures. Their goal is to help their clients become successful trades that consistently grow their accounts “day after day.” They believe this is possible, as their technology is built to “exploit short term inefficiencies in the financial markets.” They sell a collection of indicators, but their focus is on automated trading so that their clients take on less responsibility, and don’t have to analyze charts. Today I’ll be providing a complete review, and letting the community leave their feedback as well.

TruTrace LLC is a fairly new company, that launched in March, 2020. They don’t appear to provide any information about their development team or headquarter location. On their YouTube channel they claim to be located in the United States. I would like to see more information about who the creators of this service are, as I hate going into any trading product blindly.

To get in touch with support, traders can call 1.831.777.4352.

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Despite being a newer automated service, the website looks like something developed many years ago. The aesthetic is old, the information is scattered, and there doesn’t appear to be a clear direction as to what we are purchasing, or where to purchase it. reviews

The goal of the website is to get traders to fill out their free consultation form, or to get traders to call the toll free number. This is a lead generation approach that we rarely see in the Forex marketplace. Generally, I prefer to know what I’m getting, and for how much up front, so that the price isn’t different for every client.

Trading Videos

The website provides multiple trading videos, to show how their software works. These videos show their Market Ripper, MACD Scalp, and Volatility Chaser in action.

Each of the videos starts off with a quick 10 second audio bite introducing us to the service, but then the videos go on for 25-50 minutes without any voice over. The vendor simply shows us the chart, and the software doing something on that chart, but never explaining what’s actually happening. Even for a seasoned trader, I find this lack of explanation a bit frustrating, as I don’t want to have to figure this out on my own.

The purpose of the sales page is to sell us on their products, and they would be doing a much better job in doing so by providing a voice over.

Automation Products

There are 11 services available in the automation product line. These services include quantitative bot networks, arbitrage, truhedge, trend following, volatility chase, market ripper, mapro, macd global, mapro global, macd pro and profit taking videos.

Each of the services comes with a small explanation:

  • Quantitative bot networks – this product is powered by a dynamic risk management module. This is the only explanation, so I don’t know what this is.
  • Arbitrage – these are bots that are tailored to the individual’s trading style. They exploit momentary volatility in the financial markets.
  • TruHedge – this is some sort of hedging strategy system. It’s not explained well.
  • Trend Following – this bot uses “data to search for high percentage entries allowing larger moves in the market while having the ability to scalp targets along the way.”
  • Volatility Chaser – this is their “go-to bot,” that thrives in volatility and comes with built in money management.
  • Market Ripper – this is a scalping robot that takes advantage of accelerating markets.
  • MAPRO Global – this bot executes traders on the clients favorite moving average crosses. It allows up to three individual entries and lets the client completely customize each target.
  • MACD Global – this bot trades on multiple instruments simultaneously. It provides traders the opportunity to scalp, use trailing stop or focus on momentum based trades.
  • MAPRO – the MAPRO service has the same explanation as the MACD Global.
  • MACD Pro – this bot enters trades based on histogram zero cross, histogram slope change and MACD avg slow line zero cross.
  • Profit Taking Videos – this is not a bot, but a collection of videos to help traders with the systems. They should provide samples of these videos, because if they are anything like the videos on the website or the YouTube channel, it’s fair to say they are not helpful.

The vendor appears to be trying to do way too much. They’ve only been around for half a year, and they have such a convoluted product line already. None of the bots come with prices, the videos are unwatchable, and the explanations assume that the reader has a deep understanding of Forex already.


In addition to the robots I just explained, the team also provides 5 different indicators. The indicators are the TruCloud, True Acceleration, TruMomentum, TruTrend SR and TruExhaustion.

Each of the indicators only come with a 1 or 2 line explanation as well, but I’m not going to go list each one of these as it will serve no purpose. The explanations aren’t long enough to give any real detail, and there are no prices provided.


The last addition to the review today is the TruTraderPro. This is a trade assistant released by the team that sites right next to your chart to make it easier to execute trades. This platform native software helps traders manage their trades, and gives them the ability to execute 3 independent targets at the same time.

The trade management allows traders to set automated trailing stops, fibonacci target levels, moving average position stops, delayed entries, independent targets and much more.

Trading Results

The vendor does not provide any verified trading results. We do not know if the software is viable, because this information is not provided. Hopefully, this is something that they consider adding in the near future.


The product line is an interesting collection of systems developed to help traders with their Forex trading. They provide automated solutions, trade management software and indicators.

Yet, after spending over an hour on the website, and equal time on the YouTube channel, I find myself knowing very little about what the services that they are offering. They have so many different products and the brief explanations don’t really give a clear picture of what they do or how to use them. There are also no prices discussed, so it’s unclear what you have to pay to get involved with the service.

I expect to see some real user reviews, so please comment below with your experiences and let me know if this is working for you or not.
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support

Summary offers a handful of different trading products. They are all built to help traders achieve their goals in the Forex market, but we have a very difficult time navigating their product line, as it’s quite convoluted.

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Many different systems
Trading knowledge shown
Videos of the software provided


No pricing
No verified results
Overall confusing sales page

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  1. they simply do not work have tested have no support sell and then disappear ….

  2. Basically, they are pressuring you to up-buy and get a newer bot, there are no pricing on their website, why? because they will try to milk each customer differently.

    Ask yourself this, would you trade $1000 for $100? hell to the no right? that’s the same as BUYING an automated system. if they make Millions and ballers as Danny pretend they are – why would they need that extra 5-10k and hours of sell speech?

    beware of or others that may seem legit like Keven Davey

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