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Trend Striker Extreme

trend striker extreme
Today I’m looking at Trend Striker Extreme a new Forex trend indicator that expects to generate over 200 pips daily. The software is being sold for $87 on the my commerce payment processor. In my review today I will be looking over the website and discussing the potential while informing you of my opinions.

Trend Striker Extreme Review

Austin Winston

The information for this Forex product is being provided in video form. I generally dislike this type of product marketing but I will take a look at this video to see if there is any validity to their claims.

Like usual the developer of this product claims that he has one simple secret that will turn your trading around. The developer of this product is Austin Winston, a developer that we have seen many times in the past. Here is a list of some of the products that Austin has released to the Forex community:

I have tested some of these systems in the past and I had limited success.

Trend Striker Extreme Details

trend striker extreme results image

Well I’ve been sitting through this video for quite some time now and it seems to be going in circles. He keeps talking about how he’s going to explain this method and share the strategy but then he never does.

I’m really hoping I can get some sort of tangible information about Trend Striker Extreme or I’m just not going to be able to recommend it.

Trend Striker Extreme Conclusion

At this point in time I cannot recommend the Trend Striker Extreme. Due to my past experience with Austin and the fact that I can’t seem to get anything real from this video.

If you have anything you would like to add, a comment or opinion please leave your thoughts below on Trend Striker Extreme.

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