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Trailing Wizard

trailing wizardTrailing wizard is a new Forex tool built for meta-trader four to help manual traders use some automatic elements of trading. The developers of this system believe that once you see it in action you’ll never want to go back to normal manual trading that you used to do.

Today I will be providing a review about this interesting new Forex tool in deciding whether or not this is something we should include in our manual trading Arsenal.


Trailing Wizard Review

The trailing wizard does provide an interesting concept, deciding when to open trades personally but using automatic stoploss, take profit and trailing stop in their everyday trades. Obviously the trader would have to be experienced enough to come up with the trading strategy that would work well with trailing stop that I do believe that this is possible. The software also provides a news filter to let the traders know when to avoid potential news events.

trailing stop

This is one of the first systems I’ve seen in a while but is actually interested me some. I am not an avid manual trader like I used to be because I use a lot of Forex robots now but a system like trailing wizard for someone who isn’t sure whether or not they want to get into Forex robots would be a good introduction.

I feel like this would be a good software for someone who is looking for a system that will help them choose trailing stop and set automated take profit and stoploss to their trades. For example, if you have a specific strategy and you always want to take profit of 10 and you always want to stoploss to be 100 then you would be able to set the software and when you place your manual trade the take profit and stoploss would automatically be set for you. This is what the trailing wizard does and I believe this is what is meant to do.

If you’re interested in the trailing wizard I am comfortable with you purchasing the software and using it with your manual trading. If it does what it says it will then it can be a helpful tool for manual traders. If you something you would like to contribute to this review please leave your comments or questions below. Thanks for coming to read this today and I hope you win lots of trades.

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