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TradingView Ideas & Charts (Trades Live!)

Today, I’m taking my $100,000 live trading account and I’m trading it using only free trading ideas I’m taking from I just think that this would be a fun little experiment to see how good the signals and trading ideas on trading view are, show you how you can use these if you don’t have enough money for a VIP membership.

The fact that I’m using a $100,000, that’s just so I get more viewers to my channel, hit the like button, subscribe to the channel. Let’s get into this.


TradingView Ideas

All right. So the first thing I’m going to do is go to and go to the trade trading views section. Then I’m going to change the filter from popular to most recent, because I want to grab trading ideas for this experiment that’ll only last around 24 hours. That way I’m in these trades, I’m out of these trades. And then I can show you the trading result. 

For the trades themselves, I want to trade three to five lots per trade. I want to grab four trades and I want to have them last, like I said, around 24 hours per trade. So that I’m day trading, not swing trading. 

So let me go and grab these trading ideas, place these trades, and then in around 24 to 48 hours, I’ll be back to show you the end trading result and discuss these trades and let you know if they’re good. If they’re bad. If I made any money on this $100,000 trading account, and if this is something you can do using free trading ideas to either learn or profit, let’s go. 

Trade Idea #1

Okay, So my trades are starting to close, it’s the next day. So I could start showing you some of these trading results using these trading view trading ideas. The first trading idea comes from mubeenahmedkhan. This guy’s been on trading view for 20 days and amateur trader. His trading ideas look kind of cool. So I scooped up this us dollar Swiss trading idea and placed it on my chart. This is what it looks like. You can see here, he’s got the lower high, the lower low, and then he has a channel right here where he believes the price is going to bounce between giving him a take profit of 0.92730. You can see here, my entry and my stop loss are a little bit different because I got into this trade later. There are no alerts here, right? These are market execution trades. This was not a pending order. So I had no choice. 

Now let’s take a look at what happened with the trade. Okay, So it didn’t go very well. Immediately this trade dives right into the stop loss, hits his stop loss, hits my stop loss, loses me $1,466. You can see it breaks through his channel right here. At this point, It’s a major concern, especially with candles closing beneath this channel. Honestly, at this point with the candles closing outside of the channel, you would think about taking a leave or a loss early, or you would even think about reversing course, maybe taking a sell trade, and winning. 

So either way I lost the trade, don’t worry, I’ll move into trade two hopefully this one goes better.

Trade Idea #2

So for my second trade, I’m not backing down. I got to get a win here. I grab this trade from dtrader69. So you know he likes to bang, let’s take a look at this trade on the chart. You can see he’s using some sort of Elliot Wave in order to determine that this is in upward direction. So we’re placing an Australian dollar buy trade. I placed this trade. Let’s take a look and see what happened with this trade. You can see it’s obviously a win. It’s a great trade. He’s got to take profit, like out of this moon, right? He thinks that we’re going to go all the way up here. I didn’t do that. I didn’t have time for that. I thought it was a good, I got out right here at this green line. You can see here, we have resistance at this line. And then we have resistance at this line here. So I figured this would be a good exit point. And if you’re looking at this trade, I left a little bit on the table, but it was still a really good exit because we are actually back at that line right now. It’s a key zone. So I’m happy with that exit, that made me $3,760. So now I’m up moving into the third trade. 

Trade Idea #3

For my third trade in the trading view experiment, I got a gold sell from Malkayed, AKA the money Hunter. So let’s take a look at this trade. This is the trade on my chart. It didn’t really say much about it. So let’s just walk into the trading result and see what happened. The trade went wrong almost right away. This was a stop loss getting smashed right here. This is not what you want to see. Let me give you a quick lesson on what I would do with this trade if I were to trade it. First of all, let me show you, I did lose this trade, but I did exit this trade around here for $1,512 loss. I didn’t take the full loss. If I went full stop loss on this, I would’ve got killed, but let me give you a quick lesson. Look what I do when I’m trading, I always place key levels. This right here is a key level. You can see this is an area of resistance, right? It’s getting tested multiple times, multiple times. It does break through right here, but when it comes up to retest, it actually breaks through. So this is add trade. It doesn’t actually retest the key level, which is a reason why it would lose. And when I saw it breaking through that key level again, I decided to cut bait. I would’ve lost way more. That’s why it’s a good idea to check in on your trades from time to time, let’s move to trade Number four. It was a banger. 

Trade Idea #4

For my fourth and last trade In this trading view experiment, I grabbed a trade from Freedom_CN. This guy’s got almost 1400 ideas. Someone tell him to get a life. Let’s take a look at this trade. We have a British pound Japanese yen trade. You can see he’s using a trend line right here. And that trend line is being broken by the last candle. This is also in an upward trend and this is a buy trend. So we are trading with the trend, which is what I like to see. Let’s take a look and see what happened with the trade. It went in our direction. It really well. And now it never really hit that take profit, but don’t worry because you know I take my profits when I see them. 

You can see here, I have marked right now, this is where my exit is. I looked at this trade and I started to see the big wicks right here on both of these candles. And those told me that we had some indecision. So I actually exited right here. This is a great exit. And if I stayed in this trade, I would be down here, not picking up the $4,000 and the 93 pips that I got. This trade is a good trade. The guy got a bit too greedy. He wanted a 189 hips. I got myself 93 pips. It was the best trade I did, $4,000. Let me wrap it all up. Tell you what I learned. 


I think it’s pretty safe to say if I wasn’t trading those signals from this trading view experiment that I would’ve got my kicked. I probably would’ve lost 8,000, $10,000. But luckily I was the charts using key levels exiting at the right times. So I ended up making $4,800, nearly $5,000. I placed four trades. Two of those trades won, two of those trades lost. It worked out pretty good. The positives of trading view trading ideas, they’re free. You can learn from them. The negatives, They’re not all good. They’re amateur traders. You’re not going to get the entries exactly the way you want because you don’t have trading alerts. If you have anything to say about this experiment, leave a comment below the video right now. And if you want to join my VIP group, if you have the money to join a VIP group, I hit 7% in the last two days. I’m really kicking ass in there. Me and Joe are working off each other really well. And we get better every single month. 

If you want my VIP signals for free, all you have to do is DM me on Instagram. Give me a follow. And I give 10, 15 people free access for about a week every time I do a video. So go do that right now. That’s all I’ve got to say guys, up 4,800. Peace.

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