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trading droid

There was a couple websites that I was so turned on to today, the second one being the Trading Droid.

This is some sort of new system that the developer claims can use to earn over $1200 a day. It sounds like a dream and it probably is.

I really don’t have very much information about the Trading Droid at all. The main reason for this is because there is very little information on the site at all. It is just one of those websites with a video and the video itself isn’t equally impressive.

The video is all about getting a free system but if you wait long enough on this webpage you will have access to an order page to buy something. Some sort of little bate and switch. When you click the download now but you will find the software is being sold for $27.

I’m really not going to waste anymore time with this Trading Droid review because I already understand that this type of Forex marketing is not how I like doing business. I don’t respect the way they are marketing this product and back dooring us with a $27 fee.

It is clear to say that I do not recommend the Trading Droid. If you have anything you would like to add to this review please leave your comments below I appreciate you coming to Forex robot nation and hope to hear from you.

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  1. I got this crap for $7 after several “don’t leave” pop up’s .It appears to be a promotion to get you to open an account with Trade Rush. I duly obliged but failed to fund the account. Two days later while holidaying in Dublin both my credit cards where blocked as several attempts from various locations around the world had attempted to remove £300 from each card thankfully unsuccessfully. Trade Rush stringently denied any fraudulent activity. Needless to say I will not being doing business with either of these companies.

    • All of these offshore binary brokers are in fact lot more crooked than some of the long established sportsbetting sites. That in itself is very funny that you can trust a sportsbetting and casino sites more than binary brokers. TradeRush and other brokers employ shady employees. The company itself is not doing it; some of their crooked employees are doing it. It is proven.

  2. The peddler also says it is not binary. But in all other ads, he clearly states it is binary. So the ad is full of lies.

  3. Found some affiliate-related information on this product. Apparently affiliates can earn up to $350 per sale, which ain’t bad for a $27 product. I don’t know what the upsells consist of, but like mcleod51 says below, they do exist, and they’re obviously not cheap. It might be the greatest thing ever, but I rather suspect not. I’ll pass.

  4. Just read a comment on aol answers — there are several upsells, which the commmenter declined, only to find out at the end of the process that he needed to open an account with TradeRush in order to access the “software” or the “system” or whatever it is. Are the binary brokers that hungry, that unscrupulous?

  5. Glad you mentioned this. Several times during the video, the narrator claims he’s going to show you the system in action and do a walkthru which never materializes. However, I think it’s important to notice something else about this and at least one other recent binary product: The narrator sounds like an average guy, NOT some paid voiceover. That I’m sure won’t go unnoticed by others looking to make money online and I’m sure may add to increased sales of the product, though I doubt it’s a quality product. Thanx for your review.

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