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Trading Course Review: AstroFX

Today I’m reviewing a new Forex trading academy that provides 4 different Forex trading courses, AstroFX. The developers have a combined 14 years of experiences and claim to be one of the “fastest growing schools of trading,” with a worldwide student base.

The company is located at London EC1V 2NX, UK, and Birmingham B1 2HF, UK. Traders can get in touch with Astro via phone 020 3740 2477, 07956 1958 29, and The creators are Shaun Lee Powell and Aman Natt.

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AstroFX Review

The creators of AstroFX have a very active YouTube group, and that’s where they teach, and share their knowledge of the Forex markets. They currently have over 40,000 YouTube channel subscribers, so there are quite a few traders watching these videos, and taking their advice. This is very effective for traders that are wondering if these trading courses are suitable or not. If you are interested, the first thing you should do is start watching their free content. If the free content provides reliable and valuable, then at that point you can consider signing up for their courses.

  • UK One to One

This three day course starts with professional education on core market ideas and helps traders set up their charts, and practice trade execution. At the conclusion of the three days traders receive a 250 page guidebook, a usb flash drive and 12 months access to the “eLearning Member Zone platform.”

  • UK Group Course

This is another three day course but includes other traders for those that prefer to learn as a team. The concepts are all the same, and traders gain access to the same guidebook, members area and webinars as the one to one course.

  • Non-UK Course

The Non-UK course is for traders that reside outside of the United Kingdom that can’t do face to face. This service provides the 250 page guidebook, trading foundations, price action analysis and 6 months member zone access.

  • International Course

The last of the 4 courses is also for traders outside of the UK that still wish to gain knowledge from the AstroFX group. This is a full 3 day course that includes all the same elements as the original one to one course.

None of the courses have a set price on the website. Traders are required to contact support to “enquire” on the availability, and price of the courses.

Proof Of Concept

Are the AstroFX courses truly effective? There’s many reviews on that seem to push the idea that this is a very impactful service, but there’s negative reviews as well. This makes it difficult to ascertain who is telling the truth, because Powell and Natt claim there are many “malicious fake reviews” which is very common online, especially in Forex.

So, the only way of really knowing this service works or not is through proof, not reviews. Although, at this point it seems the proof, or evidence is missing. There’s a lot of luxury and lifestyle marketing being utilized, but not a whole lot of trading results. The problem is one review site is positive, the other is negative, so we have to remain neutral.

I would really like to see a Myfxbook account, or some extended trading statements to see if these traders can prove their worth.


I’m unsure on what side to stand on the AstroFX courses, but I do know how I plan on approaching this. I am going to wait for Powell and Natt to start providing daily trade recommendations via myfxbook or any other statement sharing service. Then, we can see if they are experienced traders, or just experienced marketers.

Thanks for reading the review, and please leave a comment or let me know if you have anything to add about Forex Robot Nation.

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