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trader news deck top pageTrader news deck is a new software that runs on your desktop it provides you with the real-time news the from multiple filtered sources. This software will allow traders to follow breaking market news as it happens so that they could make better trade decisions.

Today I will be providing a review on this unique software and letting the Forex robot nation readers understand what this provides.

Trader News Deck Review

The more I look at the trader news deck software the more ask myself do people really need this. When really looking in depth at this product to me it seems overly redundant. By this I mean that I feel traders could easily just follow these sources on twitter and just look at their phone or the twitter website instead of this application.

All the trader news deck seems to do is filter different tweets from Twitter. You can fully filter by keywords which I guess provides you with multiple sources and information but you could easily type these into twitter and I would be surprised if there is a free application that does the somewhere online.

trader news deck

I think the concept is unique but I don’t believe that it is required. Obviously if you really like to focus on news this new trader news deck could provide some potential for you but for me it’s just not something I need.

With all that being said I’m not going to recommend the trader news deck software today. If you have something you would like to contribute to this review please leave your comments and opinions below. I do hope that different Forex developers continue to look for new areas of improvement in the market I just not sure if this is a winning solution. Thanks for reading and please check out the rest of Forex robot nation for more information and helpful tips.


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