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Trade Miner – Forex Trading Software and More

Trade MinerTrade Miner – Forex Trading Software and More

Looks like we have a new multipurpose software to look at today. This is a system that trades Forex, Futures and Stocks, Trade Miner.

Get way above average market returns, with significantly lower average risk by only taking the highest probability trades.

So right away let me take this from the Trade Miner page and show you what the Forex part of this system provides.

  • Average Profit:$15,667.36
  • Biggest Winner: $45,335.24
  • Average Annual Gain:29%

These are some of the Trade Miner statistics provided by the developers. Following is what the system offers clients.

  • When to enter trades
  • When to exit trades
  • Recommended SL and TP placement
  • Trade history for every trade that should be made
  • Risk levels per trade
  • Works with any brokerage
Trade Miner is built to identify historically accurate trends and market cycles. This is what the strategy is based on and how it will help you make money in the market.
It looks like an interesting program whether used for Forex, Stocks or Futures but I am not 100% on this one. If you have any information you would like to add about Trade Miner please add a comment below. I am still not too sure about it, at this point I may buy it and test it out.
Lets start a conversation about trade miner below so that we can all figure out if this is what we want or not. Thanks guys, and continue with winning in the Forex market, good luck to all.
Trade Miner


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  1. Trade Miner, yes provides info for a short/long time successful trending markets from the past like Thomas said. Once you have the info. watch the recommendations and make some trades. Cool assistant.

  2. What? Fake? I have the software, how can you fake something like this? It tells you when market cycles and trends occur within the financial markets. It’s not like you can fake that, Gecko Software did not make this up, all they did was create a tool that reports what the market has done in the past, I don’t know what kind of grudge you have against Gecko, but this is not a fake. Seems you just don’t know how to use the information provided. Get a clue dude. It’s the same information you get over at Moore Research, this kind of thing has been around for years…fake? NOT, Dude, get a clue.

  3. Why ??? I’ve dealt with Gecko software over 10 years ago…They usually do not send something out there that is fake….My main question is how often does it recommend trades….

  4. it is a fake product.i used it. do not buy it

  5. Not clear from the advertizing what returns are to be expected – only one instrument is given as an example each of Stocks, Futures or Forex. Returns in the order of 5% per month are achievable with a little effort by manually trading ETFs around a day job. It really depends how many trades TradeMiner recommends over (say) the period of a year.
    It really would be helpful if one year’s worth of results from recommendations had been tracked for each asset class (Stocks, Futures or Forex). If the results are as good as implied, then perhaps Gecko Software could have marketed this for a higher price? If half as good as claimed, it sounds like a bargain for $97. Fraudulently advertized Forex EAs are sold for this amount, without a hint of ‘AI’ or ‘Genetic’ technology as claimed (like it would even be remotely possible in a ~10kB MT4 tokenized executable file).

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