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The Best Forex Signal ( is a Forex signal provider with a fair amount of bravado, considering their business name. They believe in providing reliable trading signals “from concrete sources that will maximize your profit.” A big part of their sales page for all around authenticity in transparency, so we will certainly analyze both of these elements in-depth in our review today.

Owned and operated by Global Investments Capital LTD, this group is located in Singapore, London, Hong Kong and Cyprus. The vendors provide a GoogleMaps of each location, although the Singapore location is seemingly in the middle of a highway, which doesn’t seem very likely. In order to get in touch with support, traders can email or phone +44 1225 29 1196.


The Best Forex Signal Review

According to the website, The Best Forex Signal team is made up of a worldwide group of experience professional traders, that have traded for many years. They even claim to “trade for big corporations, financial institutions, banks, forex brokers, money managers” and the other signal providers.

They introduce us to 4 members of their trading team, John Wat (finance support), Rose Alice (trading analyst), Adam Steve (trading analyst) and David Jones (market analyst). We trying to do additional research on the team members, but we came up with no information. It would be nice if the vendor provided trading accounts for each of these traders, and gave us some sort of in-depth analysis of each analysts trade approach.

This would certainly go a long way, and considering this one of the best Forex signal providers.


The word strategy is mentioned multiple times Best Forex Signal website, but the vendor doesn’t really go into any real detail about their trading methodology. They certainly come across like a professional team, with knowledge of the markets, because they provide daily forecasts on their blog. From the forecasts you could try and figure out their leanings, but considering they discuss transparency so often, they should provide more detail about their trading approach.

Hopefully they see this request, and leave a comment on our blog helping us understand their strategic leanings.

They show us how they present the signals which is a good sign. Each signal comes with the entry price, the stop loss and take profit levels to set.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $69/month
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: 3-8 per day

There are currently 4 different plans available for traders interested in signing up with The Best Forex Signal service. All of the plans are essentially the exact same outside of the price. Traders can get very deep discounts for signing up with the longer plans. One month cost $69 per month, 3 months costs $25 per month, one year costs $9 per month, and 2 years costs $7 per month. So, the team is certainly trying to retain clients for longer periods of time with these discounts. It’s nearly impossible to want to sign up with the one month plan 23 month plan costs just $6 more and the one year plan costs only $40 more than that.

They send signals one time a day, at 7:30AM London time.

Trading Results

The Best Forex Signal team promises 200-800 pips per month, and they also promise a high level of transparency. The results are little disjointed as they seem to be spread over multiple different signal types that they offer. They offer the premium daily Forex signals and the premium Blackstone Forex signals.

In the daily Forex signals, they provide a chart that shows us the amount of pips they are earning per month. This chart is not verified and the same can be said for their live statement which can be found on their results page. None of the data here can be relied upon, because it is not verified in any way, and can be easily manipulated by the vendor.

The second signal type is the Blackstone Forex signals, and this page does include 2 Myfxbook accounts. These accounts don’t show anywhere near the 200-800 pips promised in the daily Forex signals, but the pricing is the same and the results are much more reliable. Following these signals would be our recommendation, as they are verified.

Client Feedback

The client feedback is quite erratic for group. They have a 3.275 rating out of 5, but the negative reviews seem to be overwhelmingly bad. Here are the two most recent client reviews for your perusal:


There are both positives and negatives for the The Best Forex Signal service. The only utilizing it really give at this point, is that if you are interested in the service, you should focus on the Blackstone Forex signals, as they are the only signals with any verified results.

If you have anything else you like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now. $69/month
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support

Summary is a Forex signal provider who’s live trading account appears to have crashed a few months ago.

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Multiple payment plans
Trade copier
Signals via sms and email


No verified results
Little strategy insight
Client feedback is erratic

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