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The Ultimate Golden Cross MT4 Forex

The Ultimate Golden Cross MT4 Forex

This new forex system by loz lawn is a mt4 customer indicator.  It has made me people some pretty good returns so we are checking out the Ultimate Golden Cross.

It made $2k in only 50 minutes, almost 1400 pips in 23 days trading the GBPUSD.

The ultimate golden cross made even more on the eurusd daily chart.  Loz promises about 1,000 pips per month minimum.  I think this is a little unreasonable but we have heard some good things from some of our users.

Nothing near 1,000 pips a month, don’t get me wrong, I am not cutting this system down 100%.  I just would like to test it myself to see if the ultimate golden cross can truly meet these expectations.  It is during rare opportunities that profit can be churned like this.  We surely hope that this mt4 custom indicator can really do the trick for you.

The training material is pretty solid as well.  They have video screen captures so that it is pretty easy to follow along and set up the ultimate golden cross without wasting too much time trying to figure out.

We will be testing the ultimate golden cross and focusing on getting some results as soon as possible.  If you are interested in this forex indicator, go ahead and check it out.  There is the usual 60 day money back guarantee so there is no pain in trying this one out.

If you have any comments or concerns about this ultimate golden cross then just leave a comment below and we can have a discussion.  Thanks for checking out the review.

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  1. This product looks almost identical to an indicator called ‘Argus Pipscout’ which I bought a couple of years ago – same red, blue, gold and yellow arrows, same email facility. Have the publishers of UGC bought the rights of Argus Pipscout from the authors – does anybody know? Anybody who does buy this product who already own Pipscout should be aware that they may well be getting virtually the same thing.

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