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The Profit Taker Review

the profit takerStill kind of under the weather here guys, got a bad stomach virus that has left me reeling. That will not stop me from writing a little review today on The Profit Taker.

This product is a new trading system that deals with Forex, Gold and Silver. The membership site is created by Paris a self proclaimed millionaire trader and he is selling access to his Profit Taker inner circle for $7.95 a month. The product provides weekly trading recommendations which I assume are essentially signals.

Product Tagline: 50,000 into over 70,000 and this is a normal occurrence for me.

I don’t think I am going to bother creating a video for this product so just read the review old fashioned style!

So what can you expect from this new membership? Well, you get one trade per week, a trade repair strategy, how to set up an account and allocate funds. Now, let me show you an example of the supposed trades you can expect.

These are the results that Paris has regularly.

So for $8 a month you get 4 trades a month. That is really how it sounds. If the trades are good then you have some pay off here, if not then your out of luck.

The Profit Taker Conclusion

I don’t think I am going to order this product. The hope of 1 trade week doesn’t really entice me.

I would like to know what you think, leave your thoughts for other Forex Robot Nation users below.

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  2. Oh wow, Stomach Virus… Thought you’d NEVER ask! Apple Cider Vinegar my friend… Not by itself of course(too bitter), but pour some in any drank like juice, kool Aid etc… If that doesn’t do the trick try equal parts/amounts(cap full) honey and the Vinegar. But the first application did just fine for me when I came very close to the stomach virus(beginning symptoms) a while ago.

    All’s Well

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