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The 1K Challenge

The 1K challenge is one of these pages with just a video that comes across as one of the most unscrupulous I’ve ever seen. The developer of this system or product is David Jones.


The 1K Challenge Review

the 1k challenge

As I make my way through this video it is very clear to me Wever this is is clearly a snake oil salesman. Over and over again David claims that he’s going to give the viewer this video $1000 and then he also reinforces that he is not selling anything. At the end of a video it says enter your email to access the download page so that you can download the 1K challenge. When you enter your email click download now you’re immediately taken to a buy now page where you have to give money.

This is just some sort of a joke. To spend all this time and waste my time watching this video telling me that I’m going to get something and that I don’t have to pay for anything and then tell me to pay for something.

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this 1k challenge. It is purely a scam and I want you to stay away from this. There will be no Forex robot nation members ordering this product.

Be careful with products like these. When you just see a video and a lot of promises make sure that the promises are aligned or proven immediately. If the developer of the product is lying to you right out of the gate then this behavior is only proving dishonesty.

If you have something you would like to add to my 1K challenge review please let me know your thoughts because I’m sure they align with mine.

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  1. If you click cancel you will get a reduction of $20, if you refuse this offer you get a further reduction until after another click or two you get in FREE. Even then I did not bother as although the blurb said that it was nothing to do with forex or binary trading the disclaimer talks about the fact that you can lose much money on forex trading. All in all it looks a bit of scam just to get you to open a binary account so the author can get his commission.
    By the way Patrick can you let me know which binary signal service is fairly reliable – if any?
    Tony Hawley

  2. This is a scam! After I purchased the “system X” I couldn’t even log into the site with the “user name” and “password” that they gave me! Zero support too! There are also a lot of up-sells once you purchase the “system X” All crap! None of this works and I never did see the $1,000.00 that he was going to give me to trade with! Don’t waste your time and money with this junk! I hope to see my refund in three weeks! Sure are slow with that!

  3. Most of these launches are affiliates pimping for binary brokers.

  4. You can eventually get this for $1. Back out of the sales page until you get to $7, then you go to Clickbetter and back out of there and you are offered it for $1. I didnt bother as I know it will be a bunch of crap

  5. This guy needs to be sued for fraud. I have listened to his video and I expect 1k in my PP account. Otherwise in legal terms he has committed fraud.

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