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Telegram Forex Scam (Bitcoin Thieves)

Today, I’m talking about Forex Scams, and one in particular that is plaguing the Forex Robot Nation community. This new scam, is the Telegram Forex Scam.

To my knowledge, this scam has cost my readers at least $3000 so far.

There is a single person or group that is pretending to be me, using my logo and my name in telegram. This fake telegram offers “investment plans,” where traders provide bitcoin in exchange for 24 hour “flips,” promising unrealistic returns of $10,000 returns on just a $1000 investment.

I will never ask for bitcoin, or contact you directly via telegram with any investment opportunity. If you want to join my real telegram go here. The way you can tell it’s mine is that I provide free Forex signals every day, raffles and my videos.

From time to time I get emails like the one above from traders that think they’re investing with me. It’s incredibly sad, and I hope that you watch my full video so that you don’t fall for this fraud:


Telegram Forex Scam (Transcript)

Hey guys Pat here, today I’m talking about forex scams. I hate to do it, but we actually have to talk about forex scams today because I released my free forex signal telegram a couple of months ago and now there’s people pretending to be me ripping you off. I’m BLEEPING pissed off about it.

This fake channel looks just like mine, but isn’t mine. I am not @Forexrobotnation_fxt.

In today’s video I go undercover, I have a real conversation with these scammers by pretending to be interested in their stupid investment plans. I show you the conversation, I show you the testimonial videos they send me as proof and all the other crap that is obviously false, phony and teach you how to avoid these scams.

The main problem with this scam is how big it is and the fact that I can’t do anything about it. Now, I’ve contacted telegram I’ve sent DMCA copyright infringement notice and nothing is happening. They are not taking the channels down, and I’m not the only person dealing with this nonsense.

You can see other content creators like Mamba FX, Trader Nick or FXDaniel Savage are just some of the content creators that are dealing with these fake telegram channels. From what I can see they’re all being run by the exact same person or group because they all provide the exact same scam.

They all say one thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars and you just get screwed. If you think there’s a chance that you can get your money back, forget about it. All of the transactions are in bitcoin which is untraceable, untrackable so you can’t get it back. If you message them and ask them to give you your money back, all they’re gonna do is try and milk more and more money out of you.

They actually messaged me again today after I messaged them yesterday. So let’s get into the conversation and I’ll show you exactly what kind of evidence they’re giving, what kind of proof, and how they’re getting this whole scam off the ground.

My Conversation with the Forex Telegram Scammers

So last night when I was watching tv with my wife I decided to have a conversation with these scammers, pretend that I’m interested in order to get more information for the community.

What I did was send them a message, to tell them I’m interested in the investment and then ask them what type of returns I can get. After that I told them that I was with my wife and that I have to get her permission in order for the transaction to go through.

At that point they got a little bit pissed off with me for some reason, telling me to hurry up. This is ridiculous because they want thousands of my dollars but hey, scammers do what scammers do.

Next I asked them how they making this money. They really don’t have a good answer as to how they’re making the money. They just say that they’re trading it, and then send me this testimonial video as if it’s some sort of proof.

Testimonial #1

I just want to thank you I just received the payment of 9876 dollars in bitcoin and i just ordered a new bike for my daughter and she was so happy. And me and my family we are thanking you for all the works you’ve done for us and see you next time.

Unknown Man Testimonial

At this point in the conversation I’m absolutely disgusted they have some fake testimonial video that’s pulling on the heartstrings with this Asian man saying that he just bought a bicycle for his daughter with the money that they made.

I held strong and I kept asking where are the results, show me the results and this is what they showed me.

It’s a quick video of bitcoin transactions and then another video scrolling from one side to the other showing more bitcoin transactions but no actual trades. The most concerning aspect of these evidence videos is the fact that they have so many bitcoin transactions. While I know they aren’t trading and they are clearly scamming you can see that there are tons of transactions which means their forex telegram scam is working.

I know it’s working firsthand because I received an email just the other day from one of my readers telling me that he already sent them money and then he’s emailing me complaining asking what happened. This is terrible news but even still the conversation wasn’t over at this point.

I wanted to make sure that they didn’t hack my email so I kept asking him to send me an email from the email address to prove he’s actually with forex robot nation. Of course he couldn’t do that and instead he sends me an email that’s like (not my email). So at least I know he has no access to my server. At this point, obviously you know that this isn’t anyone who’s connected with me. When I question them about it further, all they do is send me another testimonial video.

Testimonial #2

Thanks for helping me turn my 500 into 15k I really appreciate it it’s a big help in this time of need and a blessing thank you.

Unknown Woman Testimonial

As if the first testimonial wasn’t disgusting enough, in the second testimonial video they talk about time of need, really playing up how bad things are in the world right now with Covid. This is absolutely terrible, and at this point I’ve just had enough with them.

Concluding the Conversation

I decide to tell them that I’m Patrick Ryan and they still don’t even realize what I’m doing as they don’t realize that I’m calling them on their crap. Despite me telling them I’m the person they’re pretending to be they’re still clueless. They’re not even smart. These aren’t good Forex scammers at all, and they’re clearly speaking English as a second language.

Though, just because I’m saying these scammers are stupid doesn’t mean they are not costing people thousands of dollars every single day. As you can see in my video they have hundreds of bitcoin transactions and they are scamming people every single day. I am really worried for the forex robot nation readers and viewers that they’re gonna get caught up in this scam. So listen to me closely, if someone ever tells you they can take one thousand dollars and turn it into ten thousand dollars in 24 hours but can’t show you any real proof, can’t show you any real trades, and can’t even email you from team forex, they are scammers.

Thank you for watching my video today I hope that you subscribe to my channel for more videos like this, I hope that you like the video and please do everything that you can to avoid Forex scams like these and let’s go out there and let’s make some money.

If you are interested in The Best Forex Signals, please check out my new VIP service where I send 3-4 signals per day via telegram. Just make sure to go to the RIGHT telegram. Stay safe!

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Good day my wife inveated in 2 telegram groups that offers account managment trading on your behalfe they are sxammer how can we report them or have de one look in to they so other can avoid

  2. I have been scammed as well. This chap has pretended to be you.
    He even charged me for your forex signals.
    I have complained to instagram without any success.
    He has 9000 followers and I wish Interpol or the police can get to him.
    You have to complain to telegram
    He is tarnishing your name

    • Hi Fayaz, just don’t join other channels that I don’t personally link to. Only join my channels from my website, my youtube, my instagram.

      Also, look close at those channels. They are so blatantly scams. My channel gets thousands of views for every post and the fake channels get like 15 views.

  3. Was about to invest on them and decided to search if they were legit.. damn almost lost so much

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