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SurgeTrader Review: $100k Funded Account?

Prop firms are contributing to changing the landscape of trading on the whole. Most of them rely on unbeatable evaluation systems so that seamless operations can take place easily. Facilitating a trading ecosystem that hinges on potential and skill, SurgeTrader stands out by offering traders access to substantial capital starting from USD 25,000. However, this privilege is subject to successfully passing an examination that assesses a trader’s aptitude and strategies.

Now, I’m not going to get wrapped up in how bad their YouTube advertisement is, but it is annoying.

We are going to discuss Surgetrader in this post so that you can learn about it in depth as well. Also, we will be able to know about their rules and regulations and how they conduct trading among budding to seasoned traders as well. 

Let’s get started!


What is SurgeTrader?

Surgetrader is a well-established prop firm that specializes in forex trading and institutional trading. 

Also this firm is capitalist as well. Surgetrader has been in action to provide feasibility to the traders and devise simple and effective solutions for their trading problems. This firm operates with simple rules that are easy to follow for all traders who join them. 

The profit split promised by this platform is 90%, making it attractive to work with for budding traders. Traders can also use viable strategies for trading while collaborating with this firm quite easily. Surgetrader is considerable for all forms of trading while maintaining 100% transparency among the traders as well. 


The best part about Surgetrader is its rules and regulations. They don’t restrict traders with unnecessary rules, which create a negative psychological impact on them during nerve-wracking trading. Their requirements are also simple and not too difficult to complete at all. The daily loss is 5%, while the drawdown is 8%. Also, the profit target is 10%. All these percentages equally apply to all types of accounts. 

Pricing & Plans

This prop firm is reliable for its pricing plans, which is why it is important to consider them when you need affordable pricing plans for joining a prop firm. Let’s learn more about them below!

  • Free

You can aim for paper trading for 30 days with Surgetrader for free. There is no need to make any commitments with the firm at all. The audition attempt from the Surgetrader will not include your progress made so far. Due to this reason, the free plan is a lot more feasible to go with when you just want to know about the firm properly. 

  • Paid

SurgeTrader also has a paid plan which ranges from $25,000 to $1,000,000. The audition attempt amount relates to the funding you want to have from the company. Also, it is crucial to know that you should always scale up your account to acquire more funding. If you are unable to reach the profit margins, then it is important to know that the firm will reset your account, and then you will have to start the process from scratch as well. 

Below, you will find the funding options as per the relatable fee: 

  • $25k of funding – $250 per audition
  • $50k of funding – $400 per audition
  • $100k of funding – $700 per audition
  • $250k of funding – $1,800 per audition
  • $500k of funding – $3,500 per audition
  • $1m of funding – $6,500 per audition

Options of Funding Programs

  1. Evaluation Programs
Account SizeProfit TargetScaled Account Size

The evaluation program offered by Surgetrader is exceptional for the experienced traders working with the firm so that they can boost their profits easily. They completely rely on a one-step evaluation system to save much time as well. 

The best part is the 1 ratio 20 leverage for trading. Also, you would have to make a profit of 10%, and the loss should be 5% on all counts. 

You should know that the trader’s account does not have minimum and maximum criteria and requirements for investing at all. If you can successfully hit the profit, then you will be able to receive funds easily. 

You just need to follow the rules to avoid complications in making the high funds for yourself possible. You can also split your profit up for 75% and 90% if you want. 

Scaling plan

The evaluation program also gives you an edge for scaling your account. However, for this purpose, it is important to make a profit of 10% according to your account balance. The scaling can go up to $1M. You cannot request a split profit if you have already been scaling your account as well. 

Account rules
  • Target for Profit: This is the amount that you need to achieve before the completion of the evaluation phase. They can also withdraw profits and then aim to scale your trading account. Other than this, the evaluation program gives a 10% profit target, unlike funded accounts.
  • Daily loss (MAXIMUM): It is the loss that you  can face daily, and it has a fixed amount from the Surgetrader, which is a maximum of 5%. 
  • Trailing drawdown (MAXIMUM): It is the amount that you get from the difference between your account balance and the max drawdown. The prop firm has fixed the max drawdown amount to be 6 percent. 
  • Stop-loss: It means being a trader; you need to set your stop loss right after opening a new deal. 
  • Limit of LOT SIZE: It empowers the traders to aim for particular lot sizes as per the trading instruments. Your account balance mostly determines the lot size limit. Therefore, it is important to carefully check the balance to fix your lot size. Below are the lots you will get according to your account balance. 
  • 3rd-party copy of trading (RISK): It means that if you rely on external help in this regard, then it is noteworthy that there will be other competitors who might be relying on the same external help. Therefore, in case the prop firm detects it, you will not be given any funds under the rule of maximum capital allocation at all. Therefore, it is crucial to understand this ruling to avoid complications. 
  • 3rd-party EA (RISK): It means you also cannot use any type of EA because there is a chance that other traders might be relying on the EA as well. According to the capital allocation rule, you cannot rely on such help that can reject your funds without any delay. 

Extra PERKS 

  1. No stop-loss: When you buy your evaluation account, you need to expect a 10% increase. 
  2. Double leverage: In this case, the price will increase up to 25% while you are buying an account. 
  3. 90 Percent Profit Split: In this case, you will receive a 10 percent cost increase when buying your account. 

It is important to note that you are allowed to select only a single add-on option, or you can choose different ones if you need to. 

SurgeTrader is Different from other FIRMS

SurgeTrader pop firm is a different and reliable prop firm because of its flexible rules, which are comprehensible for all the traders who join them. This prop firm empowers you to polish your trading skills to a great extent as well. There is no need to worry about minimum and maximum trading day limits, and trade holds as well. 

The best part about this prop firm is its evaluation program, which is why many traders like to rely on it for their 1-phase program. Therefore, when you are joining Surgetrader, you will have to reach a certain profit target so that you can get funded by the firm. 

Also, you need to adhere to the limits that are crucial for the program; you need to reach a profit of 10%, your stop loss will be 5%, and your drawdown will be 6%

Is getting SurgeTrader capital realistic?

You cannot ignore the fact that the trading firm you are collaborating with needs to have realistic requirements. Less transparency and redundant requirements later create complications in trading. There have been cases when such firms later came out to be frauds and scams, which made the traders face huge financial losses as well. Therefore, keeping all these factors into account, it is important to know that Surgetrader is completely reliable in terms of surge trader capital! 

Is SurgeTrader Right for You?

When you need to pay heed to all the amounts fixed by the company, then you can maintain your drawdown and reach the profit, but it is not always a piece of cake. 

Therefore, it is better to carefully learn about the intricacies of Surgetrader and keep evaluating other options for prop firms to avoid all sorts of possible complications in the long run. 


  • Outstanding Customer Service: Exceptional customer service sets SurgeTrader apart. Quick and thorough responses to all queries, with special mention to Alex for providing detailed step-by-step guidance. Ideal for dedicated day traders seeking reliable support.


  • Controversial Contests: A user claimed the top rank, only to have their positive trades turn negative, leading to suspicions of selective winners. Allegations of being a scam and unresponsive support further taint the platform’s reputation.


SurgeTrader has been a flagship prop firm to meet your trading needs for many years! They have been in the front lane to make trading fun and feasible for the newcomers as well. Their motive is to reduce the trading roadblocks and devise effective trading solutions for everyone who joins them. 

You can rely on their evaluation programs as well, which means you don’t have to feel restricted while working with the firm. In this post, we have discussed different aspects of trading with Surgetrader so that you don’t have to waste your time familiarizing yourself with them at all! 

  • Passability
  • Profit Split
  • Trading Capital
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


SurgeTrader is a prop firm with contests and different challenges starting at $25,000.




Good support


Bad YouTube Ads

Average Client Feedback

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