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Succeed with Kevin – Bazooka Trader

succeed with kevin

Succeed with Kevin Bazooka Trader is a new binary options product. A testimonial for this product claims that she became a millionaire in one day using this strategy.

Today I’ll be looking at this new product and I’ll let you know if it’s worthwhile or not in this review.

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Succeed with Kevin Review

The product is the bazooka trader and as I enter the website I am faced with a video of a woman talking about going out and getting drunk. My initial thoughts without knowing anything yet is that this succeed with Kevin program just lost a lot of credibility for this lack of professionalism.

So the reason for this woman’s testimonial was to make it look bad and then Kevin would be able to say that he’s tired of testimonials like these.

During the video Kevin shows us results he claims to have had in binary options with his bazooka trader. I really don’t like the way the video is set up and I am not a fan of this presentation.

bazooka trader

Bazooka Trader Conclusion

I don’t think we are going to succeed with Kevin whether it is the bazooka trader or something else. This all just seems a little off to me. Comes across as a scam.

If you think I’m wrong about this succeed with kevin bazooka trader then please be the first to let me know. I will add to this review as more information comes available but there is no way that this system passed the Forex Robot Nation seal of approval at this point in time.

Bazooka Trader



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