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Stupidly Simple Forex – Very Accurate Entries

Stupidly Simple ForexSo today we have Stupidly Simple Forex, a product that resembles quite a few in it’s marketing approach. To list off a few, it seems quite like 50 pips a day, forex while you work, and more. These Forex products are generally guides or blueprints if you will and I rarely get the chance to try them all.

Tagline: I’ll show you a Forex system with easy entries that are so deadly accurate that most stoplosses are 12 pips or less.

So, Forex trader Andy Daniels is behind this, Stupidly Simple Forex trading system. The system is based on having a high win rate and very small stop losses always minimizing pips risked. There is really not too much about this system even on the sales page itself. It seems to be some sort of a guide.

If you have any information about the stupidly simple Forex software or guide then please feel free to leave a comment below. Here at Forex Robot Nation we are always trying new trading systems and adding new reviews. We really like the community involvement and hope that if you use this stupidly simple Forex system that you do tell us about your experiences so that our experts can help you as best they can.

Forex trading software is getting better every week. That doesn’t mean there aren’t bad systems out there, but it certainly means the opportunity for winning trades is getting higher.

Keep up with the trading, and hopefully you continue to win with stupidly simple Forex.

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  1. Hi there,

    All these kinds of systems work on the same idea: waiting for pull backs into predefined moving averages and getting in when price moves back in the direction of the (established) trend. I prefer the Stupidly Simple Forex system over the 50 Pips a Day system for two reasons: 1. the 176 and 144 EMA’s make sure you don’t get in too quick (less chance to fall for market maker’s tricks) and the combination of 44 and 36 EMA’s, together with the AO and fast (3,7,1) MACD, gives very clear signals for opening trades in the direction of the original trend AFTER a false move. The rather small stop losses guard your account when the trade doesn’t work out. Remember, big money is almost always responsible for significant price moves (fake as well as real moves), so there will always be losing trades, but if you keep your losses small, you’ll stand a chance in this manipulated forex game. In my opinion, 50 pips a day generates too many losing trades in choppy markets (due to the rather short 34 and 13 EMA’s – especially when compared to the Stupidly Simple Forex systems EMA’s) and I really like the interaction between the AO and the fast MACD – the AO of course ‘just’ being a slow MACD.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!

  2. Aslaam just to let you know did 3 trades on GBPUSD and all 3 winners so got 60 pips. Probably not a lot in your books but I dont get too greedy and the markets arent exactly allowing one to get big runs at present. However I like this 50 PIP system even if Im only taking 20 pips at a time and using TM also to control the trades.Should have traded the JPY also tonute as it was going along steadily also

  3. Thanks Bruce,

  4. Hi Aslam I would go for 50 pips over anything else. Very simple to use comes with a template and a breeze to instal. Now 50 pips a day doesnt mean you will get 50 pips a day thats even stated in the manual which is very well laid out and lots of information and charts. The owner is great to deal with. He talks sense and lays it all out for you. Ive now done 7 trades and taking 20 pips at a time. I have TRADE MANAGER setup and once I enter a trade I have the TP and SL preset along with all the other settings that you can use with TM.
    However for $27 , 50 Pips is my choice.I feel comfortable with this one as it suits my style of trading

  5. Thanks for your advice. I owe you, Bruce. I was seriously thinking of taking up manual trading with DDFX and Fx Code Breaker, when I had the same experience as you did and it almost wiped out my demo account. Bruce in your opinion which I value, which is better of the two, 50 Pips or Simply Stupid?? As unless you have some better suggestion, my current choice is between the two. Thanks

  6. Hi Aslam I havent had to adjust anything with DDFX only reset my time here in NZ as we have just gone to daylight saving so had to adjust 1hr. I did buy 50 Pips a Day which is very simple to use and the EMA settings are very good. Its only $27 and the owner is very good to deal with. Regarding DDFX it was working really well for about 2 weeks and I got heaps of good trades but then the markets seemed to get a lot more jumpy and I started losing so stopped trading for a week. I got 50pips a day last week and loaded it and have done 6 trades this week all good winners. I am impressed with its simplicity. The markets are better this week so dont want to be unfair on DDFX but I think the 50 PIPS A DAY indicators may well be better but thats just my observation. Plus the owner is helpful thats always a big + in my books.
    Hope this helps

  7. Hi Bruce,
    Whats your experience with DDFX???Do the indicators need some adjustment GMT/Broker/lLocal time. Please inform me. Thanks.

  8. Hi Jack no I havent had much luck with it so put it to one side for now. Im not saying its no good but the trades I did take were no good but also I had found one called 50 PiPs Per Day which is working fine and I like the setup. Worth a look. Started using it last night here in NZ and had 2 good wins on live account. Still have DDFX but have removed it for now while I run the 50 PIPS per day…..will keep you posted

  9. Hi Bruce
    Have you had any luck with this yet?

  10. As I prefer manual trading to Eas I purchased this. Hey 12 month warranty and $27 I aint got much to lose !!.Easy to setup and follow but no opportunity to use it just yet as the markets are a bit weird this week. Running it alongside DDFX and using Trade Manager settings. Will let you know how it goes once I find a decent entry point. Havent traded at all this week markets are all over the place

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