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Steady Stock Picks

This type of trading method is not usually one that I would review but a couple members were asking about Steady Stock Picks so I thought I would check it out.

There really doesn’t look like there is much to the stock trading system at all. They claim to “have written a series of mathematical formulas to generate the stock picks. The formulas look for stocks with the potential to make a 5% profit on a trade.”

So let me show you the recent trades that have been made with the Steady Stock Picks product.

steady stock picks 2013
The example trades provided.

They provide you with 2 stock picks per week and show stocks they have supposedly traded recently in a chart. The recent results definitely look strong  as they claim 95% in 2013 and 105% in 2012.

Let me now show you the criteria they use to pick their stocks.

  1. Has to be in S&P 500.
  2. Closing price has to be between $10 and $100 a share.
  3. Average trading volume of 400,000 shares per day.
  4. Must have 30 million shares oustanding.

I have dabbled in stock trading a little bit but not too much. I am really on the fence about this software and I can’t really tell you if Steady Stock Picks will deliver or not.

At this point I will have to say that I do NOT recommend the picks because I have not fully used it myself. If you have any information on this new product and you would like to tell us about your experiences please leave a comment below, we have a very active trading community.

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