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SirFX Indicators Review (My Holy Grail)

SirFX is a Forex indicator developer, that offers six different systems for the MT4 platform, and one for MT5. They believe that their diverse history in mathematics and love for Forex trading helps them out perform their competitors. They are always seeking for the “ultimate way to implement technical analysis” in the Forex market. Today we will be providing a complete review, and letting the community know if these indicators are worth the price of admission.

Founded in 2014, this group believes that they predict the markets better than any other development team. They don’t seem to provide any information about their location, or specific details about who they are. We certainly would like to know the names of each team member to get a better understanding of their Forex trading history before signing up. The contact page and about us page should be modified to add this information, as it would instill much more confidence in potential purchasers.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the website and choose from a drop down list of different subjects. The subjects include purchase questions, support questions, MT5, and other questions.


SirFX Review

In the future we may analyze each SirFX indicator separately, but for the purpose of today’s review, we will provide an overview of all of the systems. We will still look at the strategy, trading results, and anything else we feel is important in breaking down their potential profitability.

They currently offer the Exit Indicator, My Holy Grail, Future Volume, Peak/Valley and King Trendix. Each of the indicators are different, but the developer makes sure to provide a video of the software in action, and ensures that every system offered doesn’t repaint.

Most traders hate repainting because it puts the indicator in a better light, after the fact. The best Forex indicators on the market almost all avoid repainting, if not just due to the reputation this tactic has in the market.


The SirFX team doesn’t provide much detail about the strategy behind each system. They give about 2-3 sentences for each indicator, and this really isn’t enough for us to break down the methodology of each of them.

This could be resolved if they added some voice over to their videos, because at this point they are just virtual backtests with some techno music over.

We would definitely like to see their strategy insight improve if they wan to compete with other recent indicator providers like 1000 Pip Climber and Best FX Tools.

Indicator Analysis

  • Type: Forex indicator
  • Price: $79-$337
  • Strategy: Technical Analysis
  • Timeframe: Multiple
  • Pairs: Undisclosed

Depending on the indicator, the price varies anywhere from $79 for their cheapest system, to $337 for a complete bundle. They just recently started providing bundles, which offer multiple indicators for a reduced price. The Rookie Trader bundle costs $238 and gives traders access to the Exit Indicator, Trendix and My Holy Grail. While the Pro Trader bundle goes for $337, offering all of those indicators, and the Peak/Valley system too.

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee, in the event that they can’t provide product support or “fix a bug in the software within a reasonable time.” So, if you can’t find a bug, then it doesn’t seem like you qualify for a return.

Client Feedback

There are currently four reviews available on FPA. Three of the reviews are very positive, and one is very negative. There really isn’t much we can determine based on this small sample size of reviews.

Trading Results

The SirFX team doesn’t provide verified trading results. The closest they come is their trading videos which show the software in action. Though, knowing that the software provides signals, and seeing a trading statement that proves the signals are profitable, are very different things.

If this vendor wants to compete in 2020, they will need to make adjustments, and start using a free statement sharing service like Myfxbook. Most clients won’t purchase anything in this day and age without the vendor proving it works first. We feel the same way.


The website is well put together, and the SirFX indicators look impressive at first glance, but we really don’t know if they are profitable at this point in time. We really need to see some live trading results for any of them before we provide a recommendation.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please do so now.

SirFX $79-$337
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
  • Support


SirFX is a Forex indicator developer offering many different products in three different packages.

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