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Simo Forex Signals

simo fx signals

Another review today, I plan on looking at Simo Forex Signals by a 24-year-old full-time trader that goes by the name of SimoFX or B.Simone.

While I’m not going to say I have heard of Simone I do like the approach he has taken on his website to a certain extent. The website is obviously much more professional than the last few I have looked at and reviewed.

Simo Forex Signals Review

simo forex signals box

He claims that he turned $500 into $473,000 trading Forex in four years. Personally if you gave me $473,000 you wouldn’t see me ever again, but that is neither here nor there.

As I scroll through the page and look more at the story and what Simone is trying to portray I am afraid that my initial impression where I thought this site was professional is in jeopardy. I expected there to be more discussion about his trading strategy but as he gets into this it is more about himself and his cars rather than anything I would be interested in.

Simo Forex Signals Conclusion

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this. Obviously I wanted to provide you with a more in depth Simo FX Signals review but because this information is available to me it just isn’t possible. Sadly Simone like many other Forex marketers does not provide us with real tangible information that we can use to understand his trading strategy and concepts.

Instead we get to read a story about how good his life is, all the places he’s gone to, all the people he’s met and since he provides us with pictures of these things we have to believe they are true.

I don’t subscribe to this type of marketing because I need to know something about these Forex signals before I put my money on the line. I do not recommend Simo FX Signals. Please let me know your thoughts below the article.

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  1. Signals are OK, not every day is superb but mostly positive.
    under 10K you trade 0.001 lots but I think the signals are too expensive for that, winning days are ~5-6 euro so the signals are to expensive to make a profit on it.

  2. I signed up for the trail.

    He sends an email every morning showing the tradesfrom yesterday. It matches my account so that’s good.

    His trades are all buy and sell stops and it seems to work OK so far (2 days live now) risk/reward is great my trading 0.01 has made some 3.5 up to 7.5 euros per trade where the losing trades are only 1.50-1.90 per trade
    I’ll update you at the end of the trail period and let you know!

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