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Signals Review: Shark Tips

Today I’m looking at a new Forex signal service that wants to make trading like a pro accessible to the average individual, Shark Tips. Currently, the creators of this service are offering a 14 day trial of free live signals available exclusively to traders with access to an android device they can download their application via Google play.

The developer of the signals, is Ori Kaskas. Located at Tech City UK 68-80 Hanbury St, London E1 5JL, UK. Ori is an affiliate marketer with no real reputation in the Forex market outside of this one product. In doing some extended research, it looks like his latest project is a website titled PVPchallenge, dedicated to online gaming. You can contact support via


Shark Tips Review

This signal service was originally created back in 2015 by a group of people that describe themselves as “a ragtag team of analysts, Tech geeks and traders that have experimented with legions of paid Forex signals services.” Now, the Shark Tips service is promising traders an average of 350 pips profit per month, with zero fees and commissions and far less wasted time.

There is very little information provided on the sales page, and the trade logic behind this service isn’t described to us at all. We are told that they have a thriving community of great traders and that they only provide signals on trades they would actually trade themselves. Though, this isn’t exactly reassuring either because the only person who seems to be connected to the service isn’t a Forex trader. If they want to rely on the reputation of their traders and analysts, then they should certainly introduce some of them to us.


  • Type: Signal Service
  • Price: $59.00/month
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: Undisclosed

As a reference to above, there is very little discussed on the sales page about the service. I’m not sure how Ori Kaskas believes he’s going to acquire any clients without telling us anything.

What we do know is that there are 3 different ways to pay. You can pay $50 a month, hundred and $40 quarterly or $460 a year.

Trading Results

The Shark Tips service has been providing traders “20 to 35 signals a month,” for over 2 years. Yet, there isn’t a single transaction on the website. With years of data, I see no excuse or reason why this developer can’t provide us with a monthly statement proving the success of their signals.

It’s hard to trust any developer promising hundreds of pips on average per month, but when they don’t provide any proof at all, it becomes even more difficult.

Customer Feedback

Sadly, much like the trading results section, the feedback on this product is quite negative as well. There are currently 2 reviews available for this service, one in February 2017, and one in March 2017. One of the reviews is a one star, and the other review is a two star.

Considering the lack of information and trading results consistent throughout the website, I can’t say am surprised by the negative Forex market fedback.


At this point in time, I can’t recommend the Shark Tips signal service to any of the Forex Robot Nation readers. While, I go into every review with an open mind, I just don’t see the benefits and signing up with these developers, or even testing their 14 day trial. My recommendation to the creators of this service, is that they spend more time providing us with information on their trading approach, the traders providing the signals, and an account of their trading results.

Thank you for stopping by, and please leave any reviews or remarks you may have about this service.

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  1. Ilan, the so called head trader, blew several accounts under his control by giving a friend of his access to clients accounts. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY NOR THE RESULTS THEY PUBLISH

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