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Signals Review: MultiNational Forex

Today I’m looking at a multilingual Forex trading service that provides a couple different services to the market, MultiNational Forex. They currently offer an educational program and a trade copier both charged on a monthly basis. The developers believe that they are setting themselves apart from the rest of the marketplace by utilizing a transparent approach with their customers. I will certainly keep that in mind as I write this review.

The Portuegese language first MultiNationalForex Inc. is located at 18851 NE 29th Ave, Aventura, FL 33180. Traders can get in touch with the support team by either Skype at Multinational Forex, or email

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MultiNational Forex Review

The creators of these systems provide traders with 15 different platforms and strategies to negotiate trades on all instruments in the Forex market. They currently serve “professional and institutional clients in more than 180 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.” They believe that they have the ability to make the best decisions for you because they have such strong connections in the marketplace and because of their overwhelming experience trading.

Educational Program

The educational program is currently going for $80 per month, and can be ordered via Skrill, Wire Transfer and Western Union Transfer. I’m not sure why these are the only payment options available, and that traders have to email after ordering to tell them that they ordered. This is not very professional, and the developers should certainly consider accepting credit card and PayPal accounts.

With the educational program traders get access to a full education, some develop strategies, a navigator system, templates, indicators and live trade videos.

Considering this is a Spanish first website, I don’t recommend the educational services to the Forex Robot Nation readers. Stick to English first educational programs.

Trade Copier

The MultiNational Forex trade copier is being sold for $50 per month. This system provides signals on all pairs and works with all brokers. Traders get access to the trade copying system and 24/5 support via email and Skype.

The results for this trade copier can be seen via Telegram. This page shows daily trade results, but there are frequently large gaps. For example, they didn’t upload any results at all this week and the results they do upload to this page are screenshots from the MT4 application. I’m not saying that these results are fabricated, but screenshots can easily be modified and trades can be cherry picked. By that I mean, the developers could only be showing us winning trades, and we wouldn’t even know.

There are multiple screenshots of in my FX book account on the results page, but none of these images actually take us to the website. This leads me to believe that they do not have a my FX book account, and they are using old my FX book screenshots from someone else’s account.

This is not good.

Customer Feedback

I could only find one MultiNational Forex client review. In this review the trader, Lirius, claims to have lost his money after using the Forex signals for 2 months.

If there is any further customer feedback in the future, I will add to this review.


At this point in time I’m going to give the MultiNational Forex products a 3 star rating. The analysis section on their website does show that they have some trading knowledge. Yet, the results section and the customer feedback are both lacking which makes it very difficult for me to provide an overly positive opinion.

Thank you for reading this review and feel free to comment with anything you would like to add.

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