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Signals Review: Eaconomy

Eaconomy is an interesting service that consists of a training course that covers many different areas of expertise, and a Forex signal service, which we are obviously more interested in. It is a little different than other signal services, because the vendor also wants to educate their clients on Forex trading as part of the process.

The service is located at 5070 N Sixth St, Unit 103, Fresno, CA 93710, United States. It’s run by Candace Ross, CEO, Hassan Mahmoud, President, Sal Leto, VP of Operations, Adam Wenig Director of Sales and Bill Wynne, CTO. The website comes across as quite professional, but the project is still very small and just getting off the ground still as it was founded on March 21st, 2019.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can email or phone +1(559)573-7306.


Eaconomy Review

The creators of the Eaconomy service believe that “skills learned in trading and wealth management can be passed on from generation to generation and provide additional financial security in families around the world.” This is the goal of the company, and one we believe can be achieved with the assistance of their CEED trading program, and Forex alert software.

We will start by analyzing the CEED training course, and then move to the Forex Signals.

CEED (connect, empower, elevate, develop)

The Eaconomy group believe that they have created a formula becoming a successful person that will impact their clients lives in relationships, finances and other areas of life. The program promises to provide a transformation expert each week that will come from many different walks of life to provide helpful resources. This program also includes a global mastermind live event on a yearly basis, different audio master classes, visual training and a helpful community to work with through your journey.

The four areas of expertise are made up of personal development, exclusive training from experts, fundamental education of the Forex market, and how to create wealth.

This course goes for $247, and then a monthly fee of $169 additionally. This is a high price, but if they are truly getting world-renowned experts, then it makes sense why they would have to charge this much. That being said, we would certainly like to see much more in terms of proof as to which experts they’ve had, and what type of resources they provide. A few samples of each area that they provide, would go a long way to help us understand and connect with their program, before signing up.

Forex Trading Alerts

Now for the portion of the Eaconomy service we are most interested in. The creators of the signal service claim that their Forex alert software, is a great addition for traders that are already utilizing automated Forex robots. This is likely because their system is automated as well, as it’s a software that analyzes the market and provides you with the Forex signals. Unlike most Forex signal services, this one does not have trade analysts providing the signals.


There is very little information provided about the Eaconomy Forex signal trading strategy. We are told that traders will learn how to watch for breakouts, and utilizes a wedge trading approach. This strategy will have traders watching for rising and falling wages as a “primary alert for market movement.”

The approach is not gone over in any real detail. In the vendor wants to be considered a best Forex signal provider, they will have to provide much more detail in this area.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex signals
  • Price: $247
  • Strategy: Wedge trading
  • Signal Frequency: 15-50 per day
  • Pairs: Undisclosed

The Eaconomy Forex alert software is currently available for $247. With this package, traders get access to the wedge trading software, training and help with manual trading. It isn’t specify whether this $247 is monthly or not, so we will assume that it is a one time fee.


Despite being a seemingly professional website, the vendor doesn’t provide any trading results. This is quite surprising, and disappointing as we had high expecations for the Eaconomy service up until this point. In order to compete in this market, vendors have to provide transparent trading results, as you can see in our most recent reviews of ForexTrade1 and High Pro Forex Signals.


There are both pros and cons about the Eaconomy service as a whole, but the cons outweigh the pros at this point in time. While they definitely come across as a professional company, both the products that they are offering seem to be missing important aspects. Whether it be strategic analysis, trading results or some sort of sample of their resources of the trading course, there is something missing. We believe that if the vendor sorts these issues out, it will be much easier to understand what their services are, and whether or not we should be recommending them to our readers.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please comment now.

Eaconomy $247
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Eaconomy is a Forex signal service that provides up to 50 signals each day.

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15-50 signals provided daily
Professional looking website


High price
No verified results
No trading strategy explanation

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