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shark-tipsShark tips is a new Forex and stock trading signal service. Developers of this product claim that traders can reap the rewards utilizing a profitable SMS signal strategy that is based on smart performance, low risk and gaining confidence.

Today I will take a look at the results being provided by this signal team provide an overall analysis and review.

Shark Tips Review

The shark tips signal service is being advertised to have a 78% prediction rate and they believe the trading like a pro has never been easier. Their goal is to provide 250 pips a month and 20% monthly profit on stock trading. While this is the first time I’ve heard of this signal service it seems to have been available for some time now. In their most recent results on the front page it seems there has been no update since January 2015. Considering we are approaching may in a few days I’m not sure if this Forex signal service is still active anymore considering the results are months behind.

Despite the fact that Forex shark tips is possibly no longer providing signals or updating the results I’ll still take a quick look at the rest of their site. The signal team’s goal is to provide 16 to 20 signals a month so if you’re expecting a high frequency of opportunities this likely isn’t for you. For me, I like systems that provide me with a small amount of signals because then I know that there is actually a strategy with strict rules being followed.

I will be providing a recommendation for the Forex shark tips signal service because I’m unaware if they are providing signals anymore. I suggest that if you are part of the shark tips organization that you update your results and leave a comment below so I know that you guys are still functional. If you have anything you would like to contribute please leave your personal reviews below the article. I hope that you spend more time on Forex robot nation and utilize some of the tools that I’ve been taking advantage of for the past few months to find great success.

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