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Secret Pips Hunter

Secret pips hunter is a new Forex trading system that boasted 89.1% winning rate at 4.6% drawdown. The developers claim the strategy was used to make $1.7 million in just under two years.

Today I’ll be providing a review of this new software and letting the Forex community understand if there’s truly any potential here.

secret pips hunter

Secret Pips Hunter Review

The developer of the software is Bruce Miller, a Forex trader I’ve never heard of so I’ll have to use extra precaution in my review of the secret pips hunter. When of the first thing I noticed what I’m looking at this website is they have a my FX book screenshot but no actual link to an account. This leads me to believe that the screenshot is forged because there is no reason for them to hide the actual link to the account from us. In searching my FX book myself I couldn’t come up with the account either.

secret pips hunter myfxbook

The secret pips Hunter is an indicator that comes with the trade assistant which provides entries, exits, take profit and stop loss points. The developers claim their aim is to provide 2 to 4 winning trades per day and that the best time frames to use the software on are the one hour and 30 minute time frames. This software must like a lot of the losing software is in this market can be used with any currency pair at any timeframe so there really isn’t much of a distinct strategy here.

I won’t be recommending the secret pips hunter software to the Forex robot nation community. The my FX book screenshot, never having heard of Bruce Miller, and no real results make me lean to thinking that this is going to be a winner. If you want to test the software it’s going to cost you $37 which is not very steep but I really don’t think it’s worth your time. I would look somewhere else for a Forex software. I hope that you enjoyed my review today and if you would like to contribute please leave a comment below the article.

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