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Screti Forex Robot Review (Trend Trading)

Screti Forex Robot is an expert advisor collection that utilizes a trend trading approach to provide valid market entries. The developer, Mario Daniele Screti currently offers 7 different robots that use advanced AI capabilities “to handle all aspects of the forex transactions in a highly efficient and responsive way.” The main product offering is the “Jack Flash Bundle 7 EA’s” which is going for €99. Today we will provide a complete review analyzing all of the data provided by the vendor, and more.

The owner of the robot is Mario Daniele Screti located in Switzerland. He has an active MQL5 profile where he provides four signal services through their platform. There is no team behind the products, just a single developer, so it’s a much smaller outfit than the best Forex robots we review, but every robot has to start somewhere. Mario shows through his work that he is a knowledgeable Forex trader, but he’s yet to be featured on any of the top Forex outlets. He is certainly a small-time player at this point in time.

To get in touch with support traders can contact +4176 699 99 66. There is no email address, which is quite strange, given that’s the market norm, but feel free to shoot that number a text and see what kind of response you get.


Screti Forex Robot Review

Named after the owner, the Screti Forex Robot collection is built for the MT5 platform. The bots require accounts that support hedging, and a leverage of 1:200 or above. This makes these expert advisors useless to US traders that have to deal with FIFO regulations.

The minimum deposit is $100 for each bot, and they all run on the M1 timeframe. Their strategies must all be similar as they run on the EURUSD and EURCHF pairs exclusively.

The vendor claims that the best way to use the bots is simultaneously, so traders are expected to run 7 charts, with 1 robot on each. In this manner, the EA’s average a “monthly return of 35%-40%.” This is an aggressive claim, and one we’ll address further in the trading results portion of this review.

Trading Strategy

There are only vague mentions of the Screti Forex Robot trading strategy throughout the sales page. We know that the software analyzes trend direction, and utilizes hedging, but not much else is explained.

We would like to know more about each specific robot, and why they function the way that they do. There are many vendors that take this route, and fail to provide basic information about their trade approach, but this is going to hurt their overall rating in this category.

Hopefully more information on the strategy is provided in the future, but until then the rating will be low.

Robot Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: €99 – €299
  • Strategy: Trend trading & Hedging
  • Timeframe: M1
  • Pairs: EURUSD & EURCHF

The Screti Forex Robot packages aren’t explained in much detail, which is the issue we had with the strategy as well. There are 4 different packages all going for €99, and none of the differences between these packages are explained. The packages are labeled Jack F1 Pro – Jack F7 Pro, and they likely come with a different assortment of the robots, but they don’t explain the robots so it’s a bit of a useless exercise. All of the packages come with 5 live licenses except for the Jack Flash Bundle 7 EA’s package which comes with 10 live licenses.

Some sort of explanation about what we are buying would go a long way here. It’s not a lot to ask.

Trading Results

At this point in time the Screti Forex Robot creator is using FX Blue instead of Myfxbook to show the results. This isn’t ideal as Myfxbook is much easier to analyze, and quite frankly a more trustworthy platform. We find there are often discrepancies in FX Blue that simply don’t show up in Myfxbook results.

There appears to be one account available showing a total return of 375.3%, over the course of 164 days. During this time the robot placed 9.3 traders per day, with a win rate of 76.7% and a profit factor of 2.94. The risk reward ratio is about 1-1 with the average win coming in at 3.47 pips and the average loss at -3.89 pips.

In terms of drawdown, the Screti Forex Robot shows a “deepest valley” of 10.9% but we always have trouble with this number. FX Blue doesn’t seem to produce an accurate drawdown number, and it seems that all robots using this platform always have huge gains. I’ve yet to really be able to determine why that is, but it does seem to be the case. So, be a bit more careful with these results than you would be normally with a Myfxbook account.


I have some interest in the Screti Forex Robot packages, but at this point have no idea what’s really being provided. The vendor needs to be more clear about what they are offering and give us more insight in general. Screti would also benefit from uploading his trading account to Myfxbook to give us a clearer insight into how it all works.

If you have anything you want to add, please leave your review below the article now.

Screti Forex Robot €99 - €299
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The Screti Forex Robot is a new automated expert advisor showing some promise. At this point, seeing some client results on Myfxbook would the a step in the right direction.

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Multiple robots
Hedging strategy
FX Blue results


Doesn’t work for US clients
No Myfxbook results
Limited strategy insight

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