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Scion Forex AutoTrader

scion forex autotraderScion Forex AutoTrader is a new Forex robot that works on the main principle of slow and steady wins the race. This Forex robot is a trade copier so you are not gaining access to the actual robot itself. The software will place the trades automatically for you based on trades being placed on the main account’s MT4.

Today I will provide a review and inform the Forex robot nation readers on the specifics about this new automated trading solution.

Scion Forex AutoTrader

The website for the Scion Forex AutoTrader is nothing special and is not very impressive or professional. The developer of the system Is Named Court, Frank who is a full-time trader who has over 15 years of experience in the market. He claims that he works with 10 other professional traders in providing a managed Forex account service. So basically court is proposing that he has a handful of professional Forex traders working around-the-clock placing these trades that I’ve been being automated to your meta-trader four.

forex autotrader results

While the website claims that the Scion Forex AutoTrader is the first system that works like this it surely is not. There have been many trade copiers in the Forex market in the past and very few of them have actually been successful. They only usually last for a couple of months and then they disappear.

The results being provided for the Scion Forex AutoTrader shows a bunch of different back tests for a handful of players. For an automated solution like this it would be very easy for them to provide us with a my FX book account or something similar so I’m surprised they haven’t done this. I hope this is something they are working on in the future. When I see some real results I will be able to make a better decision about this purchase. At this point in time however I will be spending the $99 a month to be a member of this trade copying service. If you something you would like to add about this system or anything Forex related please leave your comments below. If you need any help with your Forex trading or finding an automated solution just click the contact me page at the top.

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