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Rubix Forex Trader

rubix-forex-traderRubix Forex Trader is an automated Forex robot built to follow the expert. The people who put this software together tell us that it uses the best algorithm strategy on the market to make any level of trader profitable within minutes.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look and analyzing the software in my latest robot review.

Rubix Forex Trader Review

The developers of the Rubix Forex trader are asking people if they are looking for a way to make money while they sleep. They believe that their system can create a large passive income and help people live their lives to the fullest. They tell us that despite the fact that traders are constantly being promised riches and coming up short, this won’t be the case this time. I’m not sure if that’s the case but I’m going to give this development team the benefit of the doubt and continue on with my review.

The Rubix Forex trader is built to trade in any kind of market conditions, with any broker and requires no trading experience whatsoever. There is real account proof available for the my FX book account which I will take a closer look at now to see what type of software this is. The my FX book account is with the RoboForex broker and then been trading with a micro account since February 10. The daily growth is just under one percentage point and they hit nearly 30% every month with a 19% drawdown. The numbers are pretty impressive but I would like to see how the software performs on a larger account.

I won’t be providing my recommendation because I haven’t tried Rubix Forex trader yet but I plan on getting to it soon. I believe this software does show some potential so I would like to hear from the Forex robot nation community now. If you have tested the software and you have an opinion I want to hear from you so please leave your comment below the article. Thank you for coming to Forex robot nation and please spend some time on the website looking at what works for me and the rest of the community here.

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