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RSI Robot

RSI robot is a new automated Forex expert advisor. There software is based on the relative strength index and they feel that using this strategy they will be able to provide a system that works on both demo and live accounts.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look and analyzing the potential of the software and what it may have to offer the market.


RSI Robot Review

The RSI robot is priced at $100. The developers claim that is easy-to-use, trade safely, back tests well and is suitable for both professionals and beginners. As I mentioned in the intro this software is focused greatly on the relative strength index created by Welles Wilder in 1978. The software and the theory is based on the fact that when the price moves up rapidly and reaches the point where it’s overbought or it falls rapidly and reaches over sold a reversal is imminent. So basically if the market goes up quickly are down quickly and hits a certain point the Forex robot will generate a trade.

We can see on the front page here the RSI robot has multiple back tests using different major Forex pairs. A few more elements the developers want traders to understand is that the software is not a scalper, nor martingale and uses no high risk methods like grid trading systems. I think this software shows us some potential here because the strategy is sound and it’s quite interesting.

live trading results

While I do see potential in the RSI robot I cannot provide a recommendation at this point in time. Their live testing started just a couple of days ago so I would prefer that we hide our optimism and wait until more results come through. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments or questions below the article. I am always willing to discuss Forex or binary options with the traders here at Forex robot nation so please click contact and send me an email if you ever want to have a conversation.

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