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Robot Review: Z Trader FX EA

Today I’m reviewing a Forex robot that is built with convenience in mind, the Z Trader FX EA. The developer claims that they worked on the software adamantly for an entire year, and now you can access the fruits of their labor.

There is no information about the developer of the software, or their location. Whoever put the site together has very little experiencing in utilizing WordPress themes, as it’s not aesthetically pleasing at all. The developer even forgot to remove a ticker at the bottom of the website that is undoubtedly built into the original theme. Hopefully, this type of poor workmanship doesn’t find it’s way into the robot, because if it does, it won’t be profitable.


Z Trader FX EA Review

The creators of the Z Trader FX EA believe that their “software will become of of your favorites on the market.” On the website, they spelled software wrong, but I’ll try not to focus on the clear unprofessional nature of the development team, if possible.

There are three aspects that the sales page the creators emphasize. They want the community to be aware of their money management settings which help in the fine tuning of their approach. The frequent updates that keep the Forex robot up to current market conditions without any extra charges. Lastly, the system works with a deposit as low as $100, on both demo and live trading accounts.

They feel that these aspects set their robot apart from the other systems currently available. I don’t share that same point of view, as these elements are prevalent in just about every automated robot on the market.


There is no real explanation provided by the Z Trader FX EA vendor about the Forex strategy used with their software. They tell us that the system is not a scalper, and has no martingale aspects. Yet, they do not clarify the methodology that it does subscribe to. This poor explanation is too often the case with expert advisor reviews, as you can see in our latest posts on the Hunter Scalper, Reaper Forex Robot and Ganon Forex Robot.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $117
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: EURUSD

The Z Trader FX EA does not provide us with their strategy, or the timeframe used when this is attached to the MT4 chart.

For interested traders, the software is sold for $117 for 2 real, and 2 demo licenses. Or, it’s sold for $137 for 3 real and 3 demo licenses. These licenses never expire, and come with free upgrades, when upgrades are provided. There is no list of past updates, so we cannot verify if the software is still actively being updated.

Trading Performance

The Z Trader FX EA vendor currently provides us with a single Myfxbook account, and a backtest.

The Myfxbook account is showing a 394% gain since it started running on August 27th, 2018. The drawdown is at 35%, and the system has placed 70 trades during the 4 months it’s traded. This means that it doesn’t trade frequently, but it’s boasting a 94% win rate which is contributing to the impressive gains.

The average trade length is 2 days, the average win is 26.15 pips and the average loss is .15 pips.

So far, the results seem very impressive.


I like what I see from the Z Trader FX EA trading results, but I want to see more from the vendor in general. I want a better explanation of the strategy, a more professional approach to their website, and much more. My plan is to watch the trading account for a couple more months to make sure that it continues to profit as it does. With a drawdown of 35%, it’s clear that the system can carry trades pretty far into the negative, but they’ve been able to handle this so far.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments or experiences below the article now.

Z Trader FX EA $117.00
  • Price - 70%
  • Strategy - 30%
  • Trading Results - 70%
  • Client Feedback - 50%
  • Customer Support - 75%


No martingale
Real results


No strategy insight
No long term performance

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Andrew Griffiths

    Have to say been using this for a month and during that time EURUSD went from 1.089 to 1.14 and still only had about 25% DD.
    After 6 weeks I’m about 12% profit and always get replies from support it’s in 24 hours.

  2. Absolutely useless product. Incomprehensible strategy and rude seller.
    Dont’ waste your money.
    Best wishes!

  3. I’v bought this product put it on a demo account. After one month it had produced several open positions which go on adding SWAP commissions any day and of cours also grow themselves so the total DD after a about six weeks is EUR- 3’674. See my demo account MT- 4 account No. 31010216 Investor Password is ZT2020. Totatl return by now is EUR 1’177. 24 – unchanged since sveral days. Over EUR 200 are due to the fact that the first trade the EA took was 4 Lot instead of 0.4 lot ast intended. In order to get 0.4 Lot you have to put in 0.04 in the settings (M_Man). The funny thing about it ist that on the FX Blue account of the vendor there are also a few large negative positions with gigantig accumulated Swap-rates reaching back to June 2019. When I asked the vendor how come he answered that this was due to a VPS Breakdwon and that he expects that these positions are going to recover soon – go and look yourself. When I asked for refund after one month he refused it claiming that since I had not applied the EA to a real account I had not lost one cent. I propsed to gon on testing two months more if the refund option would reamain intact – he refused as well. So if you want to risk that open positions eat all your earnings ending up wiht margin call – go on and buy this product. If not, refrain from buying this product.

  4. theses idiots have no clue about trading
    absolute scam
    stay far far away

  5. Looks like a grid which can be quite dangerous in strong trends. (Grids work great in ranging markets but can be an account breaker in strong trends).

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