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Robot Review: TSFX EA

Today I’m reviewing a new Forex robot that utilizes a mathematical two–martingale algorithm, TSFX EA. While martingale is inherently risky, the developers feel that they have implemented a way for traders to escape the dreaded drawdown. “The internal martingale operates to maximize profits, depending on the percentage of the established risk, the external martingale equalises and limits the internal martingale from the large drawdowns and the opening of a large number of orders.”

There is no address for the business, but traders can contact the support team via an e-mail form located at the bottom of the page. You can see this EA, and many others on the ratings page here.


TSFX EA Review

Historically, I do everything that I can to avoid the risk of a martingale based robot. Yet, the TSFX EA does have a 14 day trial, and they are quite adamant in telling us that they can handle the risk and drawdowns. They tell us that the software requires no extra actions after starting, and that it will automatically adjust the risk from your total assets.

Is it possible that this martingale robot is different than the others? Only time will tell.


Type: Forex Robot
Price: $179
Strategy: Martingale
Timeframe: M15

Trading Results

The developers are currently providing one myfxbook trading account that shows the TSFX EA with a gain of 74% since the 7th of December. Surprisingly, this martingale-based system has only reached a max drawdown of 13%. This is a much lower number than I was expecting, and it certainly makes me a little more interested in the strategy behind all of this.

The robot is winning around 73% of its trades, with the average win being 11.26 pips and the average loss being 29.16 pips. This makes for a risk to reward ratio of about 3 to 1, which again is much lower than I would’ve expected for a martingale strategy.


I am definitely interested in following the TSFX EA to see how it continues to operate utilizing a martingale strategies in the Forex marketplace. Generally, martingale systems blowup trading accounts, but I’m not sure that’s going to be the case this time around. As of right now I’m going to provide a 3 star review and then revisit this page from time to time to see if there error any real user trading results to analyze.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to email me or leave a comment with any thought that you may have.

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