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Robot Review: Securza FX

Today I’m looking at a new automated Forex trading system the claims to provide traders with high profit levels in very low risk, Securza FX. The creators of the system tell us that their “main goal is to be totally transparent and to show real account results.” They also want to ensure that their software is compatible with every single broker, and works in all market conditions. This may sound like a pipe dream, but we will analyze their offer and let you know if there is value here.

The website doesn’t explicitly tell us who the developers of the software are, yet they do link to a Forex robot review site owned by Hossam Tameem. Who is located at Ezzat Askoora Building, behind Hehia Sport Club, Egypt. This is most likely the developer of the system. To get in touch with support, you can email

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Securza FX Review

The creators of the system believe that they have put together “the best expert advisor on the market.” Securza FX aims to make traders 60% profit on a monthly basis without relying on any scalping or averaging. They built the system to work with every broker, and trade 6 pairs with the average trade duration of over 3 hours.

The EA comes with full-time support, a one-time payment, free future updates, verified results and multiple currency pairs. There is also a detailed user’s guide which can be found at the bottom of the website, just click where it says “user’s manual” and you can access it before even signing up.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $199/1 license, $269/2 licenses
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: M15

There is no real information provided about the strategy, but as I mentioned above, you can take a look at the user’s manual to get a better grasp of how the system operates. The manual isn’t as detailed as they claim, but it’s better than nothing.

Trading Results

The Securca FX vendors currently provide us with 2 trading accounts. One trading account is with FXBlue, and the other is with Myfxbook. The FX blue account shows a monthly return of 340% over a period of 37 days. The my FX book account shows a gain of 59% throughout the exact same period of time.

On the sales page, the creators consistently tell us the transparency is very important to them. Yet, when taking a close look at these accounts you can see that the open trades, open orders, and history of all the trades are hidden. This makes it very difficult for us to truly analyze the software and see how it trades.

Both accounts hold the drawdown of 35% which is reasonable, but for all we know this drawdown has been building for the 37 days and may continue in that direction. Without being able to see the history of their trades, there is no way of knowing if the system is destined to implode.

Community Feedback

There is no community feedback for the system at this point in time. This review I am writing, is actually the first review written about the software, so this will give us the opportunity to give traders a place to leave their comments.


There are certainly aspects of the Securca FX sales page that I appreciate. I like the fact that they provide us with the trading manual, so we can see the different inputs that this program provides. However, I am still on the fence when it comes to their trading results, which is the most important aspect on the webpage. The trading results show some pretty impressive results over a short term, but they hide the trading statements, so I am unable to truly analyze how the software trades.

If you are a client of this EA, or you are just interested in what they have to offer, please leave your thoughts and concerns below.

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  1. If SECURZA FX were so damn accurate hitting BULL’S EYE most of the time, then why does it NOT give us the LOGIN ID AND PASSWORD for any LIVE/REAL MT4 ACCOUNT operating on SECURZA to survey/peep into its activities and resulting account status (profits, drawdowns, lot-sizes, time-frames etc.) over say AT LEAST 1 FULL MONTH in a TOTALLY LIVE ENVIRONMENT??

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