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Robot Review: Nagachika EA

Today I’m taking a closer look at a new trading system that promises to be exceptional for traders that are too lazy to trade manually, Nagachika EA. It’s quite funny that the developers are unintentionally taking a jab at Forex robot traders, by calling them lazy, and then trying to sell them of Forex robot. This certainly isn’t the most professional website I’ve ever come across, and the English is certainly in need of an upgrade.

The location of the company offices are undisclosed, but I would assume they’re located somewhere in Asia or India. To get in touch with the support team you can either fill out the contact form or email directly For the trading system news and reviews, see our blog page at Forex Robot Nation.


Nagachika EA Review

The first thing I want to point out, is that the Nagachika EA developers have a difficult time getting acrosswhat they want to about their system because of the language barrier. The advice I have for this developer, is to hire a copywriter and have them develop the content for the sales page. When purchasing a Forex robot or any other investment tool one of the first things I look at is professionalism and reliability. Both of these elements come into question when the developer isn’t recognizing their strengths and weaknesses.


Type: Forex Robot
Price: $189/year
Strategy: Ichimoku
Timeframe: H1

It’s quite rare to see a trading robot utilize a yearly payment plan.

Trading Results

The Nagachika EA developers utilize to lesser-known websites to host their trading results, FX Junction and FXStat. I will review both of these services at a later date, so at this point in time I can’t exactly comment on their reliability.

Regardless, the trading results hosted on these sites are showing a return of nearly, with the average win being nearly 20 pips and the average loss being 13.5 pips. This is a very impressive risk reward ratio, compounded with an average 12 trades per week.

Some of the more questionable statistics, is the drawdown at 50% and the average trade duration at 44 hours. So, trades can last for very long periods of time, which likely means you need a sizable account to handle large drawdowns, as it seems like the trades are given quite a bit of room to breathe.

I’m also having a very hard time navigating the statistics websites to find the actual trading statements, but I’ll see if I can find this later.


From what I can see, the Nagachika EA has been quite successful over a very short period of time. What I’ve been unable to find, and what I’m trying to find is a collection of traders that are using this software so that we can get the inside scoop. Before giving any product a review over 3 stars, I need to see some real user results. It’s too easy in 2017 for Forex robot developers to manually intervene and make their systems come across is better than they really are. I’m certainly not saying that’s what’s happening here, but we have to be careful in every situation.

Thank you for stopping by, and please feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have. I’m calling out anyone who’s use the software and wants to share their experiences about Nagachika, and what it has to offer.

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