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Robot Review: FX Shutter Stock EA

Today I’m looking at a new Forex trading robot built to work on every account type, FX Shutter Stock EA. This software is very new to the market, so I want to get ahead of the crowd and dive into what we can expect from this developer. According to the sales page they want us to finally experience life the way it was meant to be, with true financial freedom.” Sounds like a good idea, so let’s see if they can live up to these promises.

The location, and identity of the developer is not provided, but traders can get in touch with support via email


FX Shutter Stock EA Review

The sales page for the FX Shutter Stock EA is quite simple. There’s a trading account uploaded to a couple different statements sharing services, a few facts about the system and then installation instructions. Considering how directed this website is, it comes across like there is no members area. It looks like you purchase the software, and install it based on what he shown here on the sales page. That is not a major issue, but don’t purchase the software thinking that you are getting any more than just that.


As I mentioned earlier, there isn’t a lot of information provided, but this is what I do know.

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $199
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: H1

When purchasing the license, this $199 accounts for one real and two demo accounts.

Shutter Features

There are a few features provided, but most of these are what you can normally expect. The Shutter Stock EA trades 24 hours a day, works on all account types, provides free updates, professional 24/7 support and there are no monthly charges.

Trading Results

As of today, the then your trading account has been trading for just over a month. During this period, the EA has gained 25% which is a daily gain of 0.64%. The vendor is utilizing the Fort Financial Services brokerage, with a leverage of 1:500.

There isn’t a real discussion on the Shutter Stock EA logic, but the risk reward ratio is pretty solid from what we can see here in the trading results. The majority of the trades range between 5 to 15 pips and the risk reward ratio is around 2-1 in most cases, which is favorable.

The strategy looks low risk as the monthly gain isn’t aggressive, but consistent throughout this very short sample size.

I like what I see from the results so far.


The Shutter Stock EA is a trading robot I would like to keep my eye on for the next couple of months to see how it continues to perform. As you probably know, I don’t like to jump in with a new trading system just for the immediacy of it. I like to truly analyze a long sample size, as well as to see how the software is performing for actual clients. So, for now I’ll be providing a 3 star review, until I can see some real user results and the longer sample size of trades.

Thanks for stopping by, and please let me know if you have anything you would like to add to the review by leaving your comments below now.

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  1. I noticed that they don’t offer any refund at all. This rings warning bells for me.

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