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Robot Review: Equity Sentry EA

Equity Sentry EA is a Forex robot protection system built with the express intent to protect traders Forex trading accounts from unexpected drawdowns. This software is built to work with any other expert advisor, to give traders more piece of mind that their trading accounts won’t suffer large losses when they aren’t around to monitor the performance. In most cases, professional trading systems don’t require a protective measure like this, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to take a safe approach.

The developer of the software is Rimantas Petrauskas who is also behind a multitude of Forex apps including, Trader on Chart, MyMT4Book, Trendline Trader, Local Trade Copier, Signal Magician and more. He is located at B.K. Balučio 23B, Vilnius, Lithuania and will answer emails from 09:00 until 16:00 (GMT+2, DST) Monday – Friday. Petrauskas does all of the support on his own, so he asks for patients from his clients as his response time can take up to a few days. He should definitely look into hiring someone to help with this aspect of the business.


Equity Sentry EA Review

Unlike most expert advisors we review, the Equity Sentry EA is not system that will trade on your behalf. The entire purpose of the software is to help provide another layer of security between you your current expert advisors, and your trading account. For example, if you are running an EA that you don’t trust, or one that is shown judgment errors in the past, you could install this protection system to overtake your account, close trades and even turn off expert advisors to freeze trading until you return.

This helpful tool is built to monitor your account “24/7 and perform specific operations and safety procedures when predefined conditions are met.”

Not a product you will need if you use the best Forex robots, but a helpful tool regardless.

Safety Actions

The Equity Sentry EA can trigger specific safety actions on your behalf to lower your risk and ensure that you don’t incur major drawdowns.

  • Close open trades and delete pending alert orders
  • Disable autotrading completely
  • Close charts
  • Close MT4 terminal
  • Send email alerts
  • Send mobile notifications

All of these aspects are very unique, because the software will limit your losses or at least warn you via email or mobile notification to tell you if your account is in any danger.


There are many different parameters available allows traders to customize the protection to fit their needs. Basically, the trader will specify what trigger they want to use, and what action should be taken when this level his triggered.

For example, traders can set the software to trigger security actions when the equity drops below specific number, the balance drop below specific number, when floating loss reaches a certain percent, with floating profit reaches a certain percent etc. There is truly a time of customization that can be done, so that you can make this protection system do exactly what you want to do.


There are currently 3 packages for traders interested in the protection system. The personal license costs €19 per month, the personal one year license at €159 per year, and the pro-one year license at €299 per year. It’s too bad they don’t have a lifetime membership option, because that would be highly recommended.

The only difference between the personal of the Pro plan, is that the Pro plan allows simultaneous use on 5 computers at a time.

Favorite Features

Personally, we feel that the best part of the Equity Sentry EA is the fact that you can get notifications about your trades. So, if you’re sitting on the couch and trade starts to eat into your account, you can get a mobile notification and then go walk over to your computer and see what’s happening.

We also appreciate the additional functions, which allow for the software to override your trades and activate trailing stop or break even functions at a certain number of pips.


It’s clear that the Equity Sentry EA is a beneficial software. We don’t believe that it’s a requirement for most traders that stick to professional trading systems, but for those that test out free expert advisors, this would certainly be a helpful addition.

If you have anything you like to add, please leave your comments and questions below the article now.

Equity Sentry EA €159/year
  • Pricing
  • Parameters
  • Functionality
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


Equity Sentry EA is a Forex Robot with many different parameters available to adjust.

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Additional safety
Lots of options


Slow support
No lifetime license

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  1. Thanks for this product review. I wonder what it takes for the Equity Sentry EA to get a 10-star rating in your opinion?

    • Hi Rimantas, this would be based on the ratings we provided below the review. You can see the system would need a lower price, better customer support and better client feedback as those are the ratings that need improvement.

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