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Robot Review: DragonCell Forex EA

DragonCell Forex EA is a new robot that’s being referred to as “a revolutionary Forex trading software just for you.” They are attempting to reach Forex traders that have had negative experiences with expert advisors so that they can change their opinions and change their lives.

Today we will be providing a detailed review on this new robot in determining whether or not it should be used on our live accounts. If you are a client or just want to leave your opinion, please comment underneath the review.


DragonCell Forex EA Review

According to the sales page traders can expect the DragonCell Forex EA to consistently make successful low risk trades like top Forex professionals. The software is built to win trades in all market conditions and will leave “a trail of breadcumbe that you only have to follow, leading to massive profits.”

There is no information on the developer of the software. Thus, we cannot comment on who is behind the system and where they are from.

The EA is completely automated, and uses an advanced detection system to capitalize on breakout opportunities. It is not discussed how, but the software is also built to be “Economic-Uncertainties proof,” which means that it won’t lose when there are economic uncertainties. They claim that the win loss ratio is 3:1, and that it would take 3 losses just to account for one win but the trading statement on FX blue paints a very different picture. We will delve into this a little deeper in the results section of the review.

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EA Breakdown:

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $129/1 license, $199/2 licenses, $349/4 licenses
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed

Dragon Trading Results

Before we get into detail, it’s important to recognize that the trading results for DragonCell Forex EA are using FXBlue to host their statement. This is not the most reputable Forex statement host as we’ve seen a handful of accounts cheated in the past.

In this case, the results do look legitimate. The trading account has been running for 57 days and they are showing a modest weekly return of 7.8%. Keep in mind that these results will change over time and we won’t be updating this portion of the review to accomodate for
these changes.

One of the oddities we picked up in the sales page is the fact that the developers claim that their software has a 3 to 1 risk reward ratio. This is far from the truth. The largest winning trade is 35 pips, while there have been losses ranging from 38 to 151 pips. This is not 3 to 1. The robot wins around 55% of its trades and looks to have reasonable trade logic from what we can see from the results.


There is no reason for us to jump the gun and tell you to purchase DragonCell Forex EA today, not without further evidence. The robot has been trading for just under 2 months and we’ve yet to see any trading results provided by real clients. As we often do, we will hold out for more information before we come to our final verdict.

Thank you for spending time here at Forex Robot Nation, and feel free to email or leave a comment with your questions and remarks.

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  1. Hi. I purchased this EA and it is a decision I regret as after testing it on an ECN demo with $3000 for 21 days it lost money and it was apparent that it is a high risk grid/martingale EA. But the main reason I regret buying it is because I requested a refund and was denied because – as the vendor put it “I do not qualify for a refund because I have not lost any real money”. But of course I’m not going to put an untested EA on a live account. So it seems his refund “guarantee” is bogus.

  2. What is the minimum capital to start with EA DrogonCell?

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