Breaking News Review (The Rocket EA) is a Forex developer providing both expert advisors and indicators to the trading community. For the purpose of today’s review, we will be looking closely at the robots they provide, and not the indicators. We feel it’s important to analyze both, and we will in due time but in order to keep this review succinct, we have to pick a single category. So, today we will be looking at all three of the robots provided by this group, and letting the community understand the positive and negative aspects.

Despite producing 11 different products, the team fail to provide any transparency when it comes to their identity. They do not provide any information about their location, staff, or trading history in the Forex markets. In order to trust a vendor, we like to know a little bit about them so that we can verify their credentials. In this case, since they provide no information about themselves, we have no idea what type of reputation they have in the Forex market. This is definitely something they should address moving forward, because traders aren’t interested in investing with unknown sources.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the website.

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The group are currently providing three different robots to the community. These systems are made up of the Rocket EA, the Big Fish and the EA Trade Machine. Each system utilizes a different trade approach, so we will have to analyze each separately, to let you know what you can expect.

The vendors feel that their are three aspects to their services which make their robots “the best professional advisors for automatic trading on the Forex market.” Here are those reasons:

  1. Clean professional code. All of their EA’s are written by professional programmers (this is not proven) that follow the rules of the MQL5 language.
  2. The robots are time-tested, optimized with extreme market conditions in mind.
  3. Each expert advisor comes with unique trading strategies “developed by professional traders.”

As the reason why they provide the best Forex robots, this vendor leans heavily on the promise of a professional team of developers. Yet, they do not introduce us to any of these developers, so we can’t verify this information.

The Rocket EA

The team feel that their Rocket EA software is the best available system for professional scalping. They are selling it for €149 for a single use license, or €199 for unlimited use. It comes with 24/7 support, a detailed manual and multiple setting files that are pre-optimized.

The advantages of the robot are that it trades 12 pairs simultaneously, promises stable profit and the ability to diversify risk. There are a few other bullet points about how it’s easy to use and how it doesn’t use risky strategies but they don’t go into any real detail about their strategy.

In terms of trading results, there are 12 separate backtests, but in 2020, this is hardly the type of result we are hoping to see. Trading statements, and verified results by Myfxbook are a pre-requisite in today’s robot market.

EA Trade Machine

The EA Trade Machine is the second robot developed by the group. This is another scalping robot, but one they claim can turn $3000 into $7 million. It’s being sold for the same price as the rocket, with one license going for €149 and unlimited licenses available for €199. It also comes with support, step by step instructions and pre-created settings.

They feel that this software is highly profitable because it utilizes a smart profit trailing module, a news filter, slippage control “and a large porfolio of currencies for trading.” There are a few other bullet points, including the promise of a high profit factor, maximum optimization and instructions on how to choose the best time to trade. Yet, much like the Rocket EA, the EA Trade Machine strategy is not discussed in any real detail.

The same goes for the trading results, they only provide backtests.

The Big Fish EA

The third and last of the expert advisors is the Big Fish EA, another scalper. This scalper is developed to trade all market conditions and use a flexible algorithm to provide stable profit. The vendor’s are charging €97 for a single license and €120 for unlimited use. Just like the other two robots, each plan comes with support, manuals and setting files.

There are a few aspects the vendors want us to know, and they’ve broken it down for us here:

  • Trades the M5 timeframe
  • Trades 24/5
  • The strategy trades on pullbacks in the direction of the trend
  • Built to trade the USD/JPY pair exclusively
  • Offers potential profitability of 10-50% per month

There are no further details of the strategy, and they do not provide any trading results for this software.


The overall presentation is pleasing, but there isn’t one significant factor that we can point to as a reason to sign up with the expert advisors. There is an overall lack of transparency from the start to the finish. We don’t know who they are, we don’t know any real detail about their strategies, and we haven’t seen any results. Once these three issues are addressed, we will revisit the review to update our analysis.

If you have anything you would like to contribute, please leave your comments below the article now. €97 - €199
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
  • Support

Summary is a Forex robot built for professional scalping.

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Responsive support
Multiple products
Simple videos


Little strategy insight
No verified results
Average price

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    • Hi Ray, there is no proof that this is a scam at this point in time. We will see what other traders have to say about the service and make our determination from there.

    • SCAM

      The bot does not woek and makes you lose money, then suddenly it stops working because my broker’s spread is too high, i have asked for my money back (AS I CANNOT USE THE BOT) and they won’t do it. DO NOT BUY THIS AS IT IS AN ABSOLUTE SCAM.

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