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Rebate Review: Forex 4 Less

Today I continue my rebate review series, looking at a cash back provider promising to help traders maximize their profits, Forex 4 Less. Just like other cashback providers, this group wants traders to sign up for a broker through their services, and is offering a large cut of the commissions as incentive for them to do so.

It is unknown who the developers of this rebate service are. I’ve found that they are located in Germany, and are focused on this market because they do not provide any services to customers located in the United States. According to the website, the contact form is under construction, but they provide a direct email address which is The fact that the contact form is under construction is a little concerning, considering that it would take any mildly experience developer a few minutes to put together a contact form. This is not a very difficult process at all.


Forex 4 Less Review

The main purpose of the Forex 4 Less service is simple. Traders give away spread and commission to the broker on every single trade that they make. Yet, if traders open an account through a rebate program, then they essentially get free money. In the words of the F4L group, “without changes of your trading conditions, you benefit risk-free, from cashback payments that you would otherwise not have.” Basically, there is really no downside in taking part in a cashback service. There is no risk, and while the commissions are at large, it’s just more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Like many other providers in this space, this group promises the highest cashback payments in the marketplace, and full support to help with any issues that may occur. Another one of their selling points, one that isn’t claimed by all the other providers, is that they “are the first Forex cashback provider, offering cryptocurrencies as a payment option.” Traders can receive their payments in many of the most popular crypto currencies available, including Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple.

Partner Brokers

When deciding which rebate program to choose from, it’s important to analyze the brokers that are participating in the offering. If you are currently with a broker, and you want to continue using them, then you will have to make sure that Forex 4 Less, or any other rebate provider is working with them.

In this case, there are very few brokers available as part of this cashback service. They currently have deals with 13 different brokers, whereas their competitors are generally over 30+, which we can see in my recent reviews of PaybackFX, Forex CashbackCloud and Forex Cashback Rebate.

Out of all of the brokers provided, the team has the closest relationship with AMarkets, which happens to be their top recommendation. That being said, here is the full list:

  • AMarkets
  • IC Markets
  • RoboMarkets
  • Fort Financial Services
  • ThinkMarkets
  • TradeView Markets
  • Forex Brokers
  • GKFX
  • TickMill UK
  • JFD
  • InstaForex
  • FXCC
  • Admiral Markets
  • XM

Customer Reviews

I was unable to find any reviews online for the Forex 4 Less service, but they do provide us with 3 reviews available on their website. These reviews are from clients, but they cannot be verified, so it’s unknown whether or not these are actually real or not.

The first review is from Alexander Niessing, who says “finally a Forex cashback provider, which is reliable and transparent.

I’m not sure why there are no other reviews anywhere online, but it does seem like this is a fairly new and less established service. Likely their client base will grow over time, and then we will have more information on the service from real clients.


At this point in time, I certainly see the benefits of the Forex 4 Less service, but I wouldn’t rate them as highly as the other rebate programs I’ve recently reviewed. One of the main aspects I look for in a cashback service, is overall popularity, and this service is clearly lacking in that category in comparison with its counterparts.

Thank you for reading this review, and please let me know if you have anything you would like to contribute.

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  1. I’ve used Forex 4 Less for years.

    Great rebate program, with solid support.

    5/5 rating.

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