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RealTime EA

Back at it again, today looking at a very guarded software RealTime EA by Lauren Anderson.

At this point, anything that comes out is just pure speculation as there is very little about this MT4 based trading software Realtime EA. What we do know is that there are three Forex robots being sold, the accelerator, the mastermind and the multiplier. The price for these systems is $77, $67 and $47 on the Clickbank payment processor.

I have created a short video here about Lauren’s system and I will tell you exactly how the Forex Robot Nation team feel about this product so please watch it.

Realtime EA

This is really all we know about the trading software right now so I will add more to the review as information comes to light. Leave your responses below.


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  1. pls one shud post EA so we can use pls

  2. I have just seen, here there another Hans is still in the Blog. Now, therefore, I will be called Hans M in present.

  3. I´ve bought and installed this EA 3 Days ago. It works, but sometimes the connection seems to fade away for a piece of seconds. A error is signed in the upper left corner. Then 3-5 seconds later it is quite normal. This happend not quite often, but it does. I go with Curt. The Indikator still works. So far 4 Winners and 1 Looser. Alltogether 43 Pips plus. Trading several paris of forex. This are GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDNZL, GBPJPY. Any opened trades where canceled by the EA, i think because the possible entry is too far away. The EA puts only pending order not market orders and places it without stop loss. Till present I am contented with the Basic EA.

  4. Had same problem — their Tech support was no help.
    Tinkered a little bit.
    1) Reset account number
    2) Went to Metatrader and set the EA common variable in Tools>Options>Expert Advisor
    3) Applied the EA
    4) Type in the License instead of copy and paste
    It started working
    so far 13 trades
    9 profits 2 beak evens 2 losses
    306 pips profit and 17 pips loss
    Got in late so it is not true representation

  5. I have sent this reply also to the operator of the Robot Nation web site. I would not recommend this EA at this point. I purchased the main program and a supplemental program called the Accelerator. The problem is that after attaching the EA to any chart, it will not connect to their server. Their tech support people have been no help, as all they recommend is making sure that you enter your MT4 account number on their web site and your subscription number in the EA, which I have done about a dozen times and it doesn’t work. They indicate that they have been inundated with e-mails about this problem, but I’ve had the software for about a week, and there has been no solution. I don’t know whether the EA itself is any good because I have never been able to run it. They may have a server capacity problem. I don’t know, but until they get their act together, I would stay away from this product.

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