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Real World Options

real world optionsReal world options is a new binary options trading course that claims to help users increase their profits up to 200% or more overnight. The developer, Tod Pellaton believes that any person can use this software even if they have zero experience.

Today I will provide a review of this system and give my opinions.


Real World Options Review

Todd claims to be a retail options trader for over 15 years, this strategy real world options includes a course that provides techniques of analyzing options. There are a few elements of binary options trading the top believes people don’t focus enough time on.

These elements are the time till expiration, underlying asset price and volatility. This smart option trader course will show binary options traders how to evaluate and analyze these variables so that they help provide winning trades.

Now let me quickly go over the topics that are covered in the real world options course.

real world options course

Chapter 1 trading concepts.

In this chapter the focus will be on trading psychology, capital management, trade management and technical analysis.

Chapter 2 brokers

What you need to look for in a binary options broker and how to find it.

Chapter 3 puts and calls

Here Tod goes to the classic definitions of put and call contracts and walks users through what is implied when you buy or sell one.

Chapter 4 what to trade

With thousands of assets you have to pick some that you could actively find winning trades this chapter will discuss some great tips and tricks on trade selections to choose the best assess possible.

Chapter 5 volatility

In this chapter they will be real world options examples to show how volatility can impact a real world options trade.

Chapter 6 option pricing

This chapter will take it in depth look at the variables used in the formulas and how traders can use them to understand how options are priced in the markets.

Chapter 7 by a call, chapter 8 by a put

These chapters are a little self-explanatory it will go into more detail of call trades and put trades.

Chapter 9 getting naked

This chapter will wrap everything up and try to get the customer fully ready for trading in binary options with the new strategies and techniques.

Real World Options Conclusion

I don’t often use courses as I like to learn on my own but if you’re looking for a course maybe you should take a look at real-world options. I’m not going to give the system the Forex robot nation seal of approval immediately but if you’re interested in this product you may want to check it out today.

Please let me know your thoughts and comments on real-world options as well as my review, all opinions are welcome.

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